How to Organize Those Obnoxious DVDs

These DVDs had been haunting me for the last four years. Visible. Crammed. Falling (being pulled) off the shelves…

image (79) image (82)

…until a few days ago when I had had it. While packing, I glanced over and got frustrated by how much room they  were going to take up once packed. So as soon as the kids woke up from their nap I threw them in the car, went to Walmart and picked up a large CD case.

I then came home and got to work.

I transferred every DVD from it’s box and  cut out part of the DVD cover to go on top of the DVD so each movie can be easily identified when flipping through each page.

image (80)  

I am SO happy with the results!

I even made one for the kids’ movies.

photo (2)

No more clutter, no more movies on the floor, no more ugly DVD cases to look at.

Ahhhhhh….. I love organization.


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