Bachelorette Recap- Des’ Final Men and What I Think About That

It is no secret that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are two of my favorite shows. My guilty pleasures. Let’s just say my Mondays are pretty much made when these shows are in season.

I like to offer my input/observations every now and then during the season, and maybe even offer my predictions as to who may be the finalists. But because of our crazy summer schedule so far, there just hasn’t been time.

So, I thought I’d do a little re-cap/ catch-up of some of my thoughts about this season, primarily focusing on the last two episodes. The first half of this post was composed before viewing last night’s episode.


Here we go…

Desiree (Des) Harstock is this season’s Bachelorette and she was one of the final four last season, competing for Sean Lowe’s heart. Sadly, he sent her packing in which she begged for him to change his mind, ensuring him he was making a mistake.

Tears galore, he still sent her packing, thus capturing America’s heart, feeling sorry for the poor girl.

Des started her season as The Bachelorette with a few weirdos/frauds…the “fantasy suite” creeper, the magician, Ben-the doting dad that never spoke of his son but claimed he was his world, James-the cheater/wannabe next Bachelor…

But, Des weeded out those fools and below are her remaining contestants.

Brooks- He is in sales/marketing and there is just something about him … I can’t lay a finger on it. Maybe he’s a little too……… Is that a denim button-up?

Brooks Forester on The Bachelorette 2013

And doesn’t he remind you of the killer from Scream?


Dead ringer.

But then he has the hair of the other killer! OooOo creepy.


Chris- He is a mortgage broker who shares a passion for poetry with Des. He writes her poetry. She writes him poetry. I appreciate a man who can open up in this way and share in such a deep-manner, so I will go ahead and say Chris is in my top two. He seems pretty “normal” and doesn’t have any hidden secrets. Though I wish they wouldn’t rhyme so much.

Chris Siegfried on The Bachelorette 2013

Drew- A digital marketing analyst. Come to think of it, Drew is also a little too…….. And kind-of a tattle-tell. Like an annoying little brother, maybe.

Drew Kenney on The Bachelorette 2013

He was a little under-the-radar until the one-on-one date with Des where he interrupted their dinner date to unexpectedly take Des down an alley to make out with her.

“Oh Drew, where are you taking me!?”

image (3)

“Just to this not-creepy-whatsoever back alley where we will now make-out as I pin you against this wall!”

image (4)

image (2)  image

She seemed to enjoy this, but it was here that I noticed something about Des…


SHE IS A GIRAFFE-KISSER! Open mouthed,whipping that tongue all about!

I first made this comparison when I saw Sean, last season’s bachelor, making this awful mistake over and over when he was a contestant on Emily’s season…

But now I am starting to think maybe Des SHOULD have ended up with Sean! Can you imagine what that would look like?



Michael-The federal prosecutor who is a bit too confrontational for my taste. I am sortof not crazy about him. In fact, I am done with him.

Mike Garofola on The Bachelorette 2013

Zak-A drilling fluid engineer (huh?) who walked in the first day with his shirt off. It was a bit awkward, and I didn’t see him lasting long, but after Des’ last one-on-one date with him, he just might be in my top two. I loved how playful he was during their painting date and thought his portrait of Des was hilarious. He and Des seem to really click, in my opinion.

Zak Waddell on The Bachelorette 2013 image

But then, after the rose ceremony as Des was announcing where they would be traveling to next, Zak throws me for a loop with his overly excited expression in response to her announcement.

image (5) image (6)


I expected him to start jumping up and down with a rapid clap.

…. hmmm…. Oh well. For now, he will stay in my top two.


Last night’s episode began with Des chit-chatting with some of the girls from last season on the island of Medeira.  It was full of giggles and ranking the men in various categories.

Des’ first one-on-one date was with Brooks, and I am sorry, but I just can’t do it. He reminds me so much of the Scream killer (s!) and I would never be able to sleep with both eyes closed around him.

Her next date was with Chris, and while I appreciate a good poem, I think he should have revealed his love for Des without the written word. A biiiiiiit overkill. And Chris seems a little….. blah. Where’s the fun? Humor? Seems to be lacking. Good dad potential though.

The Hubby wanted to fast-forward during this time, in which I wouldn’t let him, prompting the following convo:

Him: “Do you want a poem?”

Me: “I’d love one”

Him: “Up on the roof

I heard such a clatter

I rose to my feet

to see what was the matter..”

Me: “Original.”

Him: “I’m going to write the sh*t out of a poem for you.”

Me: “Bring it. I want to see what you’ve got.”

The Hubby then paused to get a bowl of cereal…


“You’re my girl

I always knew we’d be sweeties

in fact, you’re so sweet

you gave me type one diabetes.”

Bursting into laughter, I gave him props for that one.

She then went on a date with Michael, and he, like everyone else, had a tragic story that he survived. I was still not convinced by this guy and The Hubby and I predicted that he goes home.

The two-on-one date with Zak and  Drew started off fun with race-car driving, which was a good ice-breaker. She then pulled Zak aside where he showed her a slew of pictures that he painted capturing their journey, which was actually pretty cool.

She then pulled Drew away and as they walked it looked as if he could have been easily carrying a purse. He then professed his love for her, which ultimately won him the rose.

image (8)

Zak is the manliest guy left, which is clearly his downfall.

Next came a little chit-chat with Chris Harrison in which she basically revealed she is in love with Brooks.

So….. game over?

Not so, claimed Des as she is keeping an open heart and mind.

No surprise, she sent Michael packing, and he cried to his mommy all the way home.


Next week is home town visits, one of my favorite episodes.

Who do you think takes the cake?


  1. Very entertaining recap! I’m also a long-time Bachelor franchise fan and my husband and I watch it together too (although he wouldn’t want to admit it!)

    • I am SO glad to hear that other men are watching this show! We love watching together and I look forward to it all Monday!

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