As One Door Closes, Another Opens…

I previously mentioned that we are moving. Being someone that doesn’t deal with change easily, this has been a hard one for me to swallow.

When I first moved to our town, I was miserable. I didn’t know many people, I was teaching at the high school and I lived in a small town, unlike anything I was used to. I also had a difficult time with the parents of a couple students, ruining my teaching experience. Oh, and did I mention I was pregnant with Gwyn?

Once I gave birth to Gwyn, I stayed home to take care of her. I joined a mommy group soon after, made some friends, some of which are still my very best, and really started to feel like a part of the community. Almost two years later and I had Cal and realized getting around a small town with two kids is quite nice. Almost everything can be checked off the list in under an hour!

We originally came to our town for The Hubby to go back to school for his PhD.  We quit our jobs, gave up our home and started the next chapter of our lives in a new town. I knew this chapter would be a short one, as once The Hubby was done with school we would be leaving, but I thought we would have one more year.

That all changed about a month ago when he was offered the opportunity to interview at one of our dream colleges in the “big city,” an hour and a half from our small town. He of course jumped at the chance, as it would be an amazing opportunity for our family.

We knew there was a chance he would get the job, but we were going to Reno for two weeks, followed by the coast after that, so we needed to start thinking about moving…. now.

We got our home “show ready” for possible renters and while in Reno I scoured the internet for possible rentals.

Since being home we have received an official offer letter, found a house in the city in a community that feels welcoming, kid-friendly and is in our desired location, and have rented out our home.

This is really happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited for a new adventure, the next chapter of our lives and to live in a home big enough for our family.

But, as an emotional/sentimental person,I can’t help but get choked up as I pack our home. We are leaving the first home we ever bought together. The home I was carried across the threshold into after we were married. The home we brought Gwyn into after she was born. The home we brought Cal into.

I may have complained every now and then of the little annoyances of our home ….like no garage, AC or storage space. But this little house has been our home for the last four years and I have grown quite fond of it.

The apple tree out front produces the most delicious apples, none like you can buy in a grocery store.

The sandbox in the backyard was built by The Hubby and The Father-in-Law for Gwyn’s first birthday, mini steps, railing and all.

The hole in the carpet is from The Hubby practicing his golf swing one too many times in the house.

The walls we painted ourselves, the rooms decorated specially for each child, and many birthday cakes and special treats baked in our kitchen.

But, I just need to remind myself that these things and memories will happen for us wherever we go.

I know we will be making new, wonderful memories in our new home and community as we move this week.  And I am thankful for the friends and family that we have had while here who have made our time not only enjoyable, but unforgettable.

As one door closes, another opens.




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