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How to Organize Those Obnoxious DVDs

These DVDs had been haunting me for the last four years. Visible. Crammed. Falling (being pulled) off the shelves…   …until a few days ago when I had had it. While packing, I glanced over and got frustrated by how much room they  were going to take up once packed. So as soon as the […]

As One Door Closes, Another Opens…

I previously mentioned that we are moving. Being someone that doesn’t deal with change easily, this has been a hard one for me to swallow. When I first moved to our town, I was miserable. I didn’t know many people, I was teaching at the high school and I lived in a small town, unlike […]

Our Four Year Wedding Anniversary Part 2: The Highlight Video

While pictures are absolutely priceless to me, having our wedding videotaped was something I am so thankful that I did. I love watching footage around the time of our anniversary every year and having a little highlight video, along with the whole shebang, makes it easy to do. The voice in the beginning is that […]

Our Four Year Wedding Anniversary- Part 1: A Flashback in Photos

The Hubby and I are celebrating four years of marriage this week! When I think back to our wedding day it is hard for me to believe that it was already FOUR years ago, as I remember every wonderful detail. It was truly one of the most memorable, emotional, beautiful and joyous days of my […]

A “Little Man”-Themed Baby Shower

Two weekends ago I traveled to Portland to help throw my beautiful sister-in-law a Little Man-themed baby shower. The food was delish, the mama was glowing and everyone seemed to have a great time. Success! Plus, who doesn’t just love mini bow ties, mustaches and neckties?       I didn’t do the best job […]

DIY Topiary

I needed some greenery around the house without the obligation of having to water live plants, because in all honesty, I am a plant killer. And once I saw a few topiaries at Pottery Barn, I knew they would do the trick. Problem was, I was not willing to spend $189 on ONE of them. […]

How many hours is that? What day is it? Who am I? We’re moving!?

It’s July!?!? June absolutely flew by. So much has happened within a month that I can barely keep track of the days. June began with Gwyn’s Minnie Mouse third birthday party at the park that first weekend.   Then, unexpectedly, The Hubby had an interview in Spokane, about an hour and a half from where […]

Bachelorette Recap- Des’ Final Men and What I Think About That

It is no secret that The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are two of my favorite shows. My guilty pleasures. Let’s just say my Mondays are pretty much made when these shows are in season. I like to offer my input/observations every now and then during the season, and maybe even offer my predictions as to […]

Rockaway Beach Fourth of July Getaway

The Fourth of July was a little bit different this year as we usually go to Twin Lakes, but it was just as fun and memorable as always. This trip, though, will hold a special place in my heart as it was the first time the kids experienced the ocean and we were surrounded by […]

Fourth of July at the Coast

For the  Fourth of July this year we are spending a few days at the coast with our family.  While I dread the drive, I look forward to relaxing with our loved ones, eating delicious food and seeing the world through our children’s eyes as they experience the ocean for the first time. We are […]