What Went Down Wednesday- Except it’s Thursday.

It’s been a while since I  have done a What Went Down Wednesday. This is where I record what happens for an entire day. While sometimes hard to remember to write everything down, I enjoy doing this in hopes that when I re-read these someday, I will have an accurate description of what life was like periodically as my kids grow. Every-day life. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the little details in a day, and sometimes those can be the most beautiful.

*I meant to have this post ready in time for Wednesday, but the days get away from me sometimes. So maybe today we will call this, This is What Happened Thursday.


6:50 am. I wake to Gwyn’s face three inches from my own and it startles the crap out of me. Since we are staying at my parents’ house while in town, Gwyn sleeps on a toddler bed in my room and I am not quite used to her being there.

Gwyn climbs in bed with me, grabs the little nightstand clock and stares at it until the big hands reaches the 12, thus being 7:00… “wake up time.” She informs me of this time so we both get up to make our beds.




As we make our beds, Gwyn realizes she needs to use the potty NOW and we race off to do our business.


And return to our room to finish our work. Gwyn sits on her bed, rolls off backward and hits her head on the floor. She cries and I comfort her.



7:05- We head to the kitchen to get an ice pack to put on the bump, and here I am greeted by Calvin, who has just woken and been changed by Grandma


IMG_3410 IMG_3413

7:07- Make breakfast for the kiddos. Calvin gets whole wheat Eggos drizzled with honey and Gwyn decides on cereal.


IMG_3415 IMG_3416

Cal flips his plate to the ground as I try to eat a bowl of cereal myself.



I make another waffle for Cal that he chooses to eat in its whole form while I clean up his mess.



7:36- More Legos while I clean up breakfast. I fend each kid off of each other from stealing or knocking over each others’  Legos.


IMG_3420 IMG_3426

7:45-8- Take Gwyn to the bathroom for a poo and then to our bedroom to get dressed. She fights me on this and flails herself to her bed. I convince her of why we need to get dressed right now and why we need to wear shorts. Because they keep our legs cool on hot days. Grandma plays with Cal.


IMG_3429 IMG_3430

8-8:15- Take Gwyn to brush her teeth and do her hair. Cal toddles in and cries about not being able to get a toothbrush.

IMG_3431 IMG_3432

8:15-8:35- More Legos while I hunt for baby pictures of myself to prove to a friend that I was a bit of a chunk as a babe. She didn’t believe me so I sent her some pics.


IMG_3434 IMG_3394 IMG_3450 IMG_3452 IMG_3449 IMG_3455 IMG_3395  IMG_3456

8:35-8:50 Play in living room with toys.

8:50- Change Cal’s diaper and put down for a nap.

IMG_3442 IMG_3454

8:55- Take Gwyn to the bathroom.



9:00- Try to head out the door to go on a jog and am held up by a Gwyn that I can’t seem to shake off.


9:03-9:26- Jog around the neighborhood for a couple miles while Gwyn is entertained by Grandma.


9:26-9:43 Shower. Upon exiting the shower I open the curtain and see Gwyn in the doorway staring at me. Note to self: ALWAYS lock the door. Get dressed, throw on a little makeup and throw hair in a bun.

9:45-10:10- Catch up on some e-mails, and add some pictures to the blog.

10:15-11- A friend and her adorable little man come by for a visit. Cal wakes, I change his diaper and get him dressed. Gwyn says she needs to use the potty twice in ten minutes, each time not going after I take her. Friend and I catch up while playing with the kiddos in the living room.

11:00-Change Cal’s poo.


IMG_3468 IMG_3471 IMG_3475IMG_3482

11:15- Head to the kitchen for lunch. Pizza rollups, green beans and grapes. All kids eat a decent meal. I eat their scraps.


11:35- Head outside to play and take a short walk to look at the horses.


IMG_3493 IMG_3496

12:00-Friend and her babe leave. Take Gwyn to use the potty and then we play Legos, tea party and reading books with Grandma.


IMG_3502 IMG_3504 IMG_3507

12:25- Change Cal’s poo and more playtime including dance party and Ipad games.

IMG_3520 IMG_3524 IMG_3531

12:55- I grab a wheat peanut butter and honey Crustables sandwich, Cal acts like he wants it, so I give it to him and he throws it on the floor. I still eat it.

1:00-1:55- Throw on an episode of Dora and more play.  Take Gwyn to the bathroom twice during this time to poop. She does both times and I ponder just how a toddler can poop so much.

IMG_3534 IMG_3536 IMG_3543

1:58- Cal poops, so I change him and then put him down for a nap.



2:00-Get Gwyn a vitamin gummy and put down for a nap.

2:05-2:30 Make myself a coffee and eat a biscotti. Okay two. Three. They’re small. Work on Shutterfly photo albums for the kids that have been daunting me for over nine months.

2:30-3:00 Prep dinner. This meal is quick to make so I throw it together so when dinner time arrives it just needs to be thrown in the oven.

3:15- Cal wakes up angry. I try to see if he will go back to sleep, but it’s clear he won’t.

3:30- Get Cal, get him some milk and take to the living room to rock for a bit.

3:55- Gwyn wakes up cranky. Both kids want me and Gwyn seems more hysterical so I pass Cal off to Grandma

4:00- Start to finish episode of Dora before taking Gwyn to pee five minutes later. Go to my bedroom to put clothes away that Grandma so graciously does for us while here. Seriously, so nice.

4:30- Gwyn shows me an owie on her middle finger in an interesting way.


4:40- The whole family gathers around the table to help break beans for dinner. Well, the adults do all the breaking and Gwyn and Cal chew on raw beans.



5:05- Dinner is ready, Turkey Sausage Penne Delight, green beans and bread. Gwyn continually spits while eating, so after a warning and continued spitting, she goes to time out. I check on her periodically in-between eating, while she refuses to apologize. So, there she sits.


5:20- Cal finishes eating and can’t leave his sister alone in time out. He NEEDS to be by her when in time out. I whisk him away and when I return, Gwyn is finally ready to apologize. But only with a hug, not with the words. This frustrates me, but I accept it for now.


IMG_3555 IMG_3556

5:30-Gwyn sits down to eat some dinner and then both kids get a frozen Greek yogurt bar.


IMG_3563 IMG_3564

5:45- My mom and I look at the clock and realize we’ve got a while before bed and decide to kill some time by going to Target. We go as is, the kids wearing PJ bottoms, and throw them in the car. I wear a skirt and hoodie and call it good, hoping to not run into anyone.


IMG_3567 IMG_3568 IMG_3573

6:00- We do laps around the store, letting the kids ride backwards as it seems to be enjoyable for a while.


6:50- Home from Target. Put Gwyn in jammies and then while Grandma helps brush her teeth I change Cal and jammie him up as well.



7:03- I snuggle Cal a bit while we play with his Dream Light and then I lay him down for bed.

IMG_3580 IMG_3585


7:10- Gwyn says her goodnights to everyone and then I take her to bed as well.



7:15- My mom and I collapse in the living room and let out a huge sigh as we high five one another.

7:20-I work on photo books while my mom and I watch TV.

10:00-Mom heads off to bed and I follow her about thirty minutes later.

10:30-wash face, brush teeth and creep into the room where Gwyn is sleeping. She is sound asleep and I play on my phone for about thirty minutes before falling asleep.

11:00- Until tomorrow…..


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