The Creepy Hair Hoarder

My darling boy is a hair hoarder.


I said it.

Since he was an infant, he has always loved holding my hair and sucking his thumb. It’s been comforting to him, and I found it quite endearing.

Well…. he still does it, and he’s even resorted to finding hair on the ground, picking it up and sucking his thumb. During this time, he goes into a little baby trance . Below, he was just playing away until he found one of my hairs on the ground…

IMG_3508 IMG_3511 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3514 IMG_3515


A few days ago at the Discovery Museum…


photo  image  image (3)


And trance…

image (2)


While I still think this is sort-of sweet, The Hubby has  brought to my attention that our son has become the creepy hair hoarder. And that in high school he will have heaps of hair in his room, and probably in his backpack, and won’t come out to see anyone . And our cats (we don’t have cats)  will all be bald.

But at least he will be happy, right??


Alright….. it’s creepy.

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