Operation: No More Yelling

A couple months ago I came across this quote floating around on Pinterest.

I rarely read any quotes while on Pinterest but not only did this one catch my eye, it hit me pretty hard.

Hard enough that I read it over and over. Saved it to  my Pinterest board. Took a picture of it. Memorized it.

Later that day the kids and I were playing outside and our dog went to an area of the yard he isn’t allowed in. Gwyn then yelled for Sampson to go and lay down and did so in such a manner that startled me. A way that I didn’t like.

I then immediately thought of this quote.

And right then and there I decided to change something about my parenting.

No more yelling.

That’s  it.

No more.

I am not going to do it anymore.

Now, Gwyn being three has proven more difficult for me as a parent. She has her own opinions and ways she likes and wants to do things. This is challenging and she will push my buttons often. She will have meltdowns. Public meltdowns. But I have realized that if I get worked up right along side her, no one is benefiting from the situation and it just makes it worse.

It’s been about two months now of Operation No Yelling and I can honestly say things have changed in our household.

Wonderfully changed.

If Gwyn does something that I normally would have raised my voice/yelled at, such as push her brother, I take a breath and ask her to come have a talk with me. During this talk we discuss how her actions made everyone feel.

And sometimes, most times, without being prompted, Gwyn will say she is sorry in a sincere manner. Whereas before when I would instruct her to apologize, she may have yelled it across the room toward her brother with no real empathy behind her words.

Our house has been more calm. We have had more fun. Time-outs aren’t nearly as frequent and her behavior has overall changed in a positive way.

All of our behaviors have changed.

I realize that there are going to be moments of relapse on all of our parts. I am just making a conscious effort to change things around here and deal with them in a more thought-out, planned manner, rather than reacting in the moment.

Anyway, I just thought I would share my little revelation.

Happy Wednesday. :)


  1. Meagan Sabich says:

    Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with you. Sophia is constantly raising her voice to the dogs saying “back!”, “back!” because when the dogs bombard us we say “back!”, “back!” in a stern voice. These kiddos are little mimics and as parents we totally have to watch the way we react to EVERYTHING, because they will start doing exactly as we do. Seeing them mimic us, is a total reality check

    • Yes! It’s a shock to see them say or do the things you don’t think they notice! And it only heightens as they get older! SCARY!


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