My Top Five Favorite Memories/Experiences from Maui: Part 4

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Relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the island

The Hubby and I realized we don’t really relax well. We aren’t quite the type to spend a lot of time laying on the beach or by the pool. BUT, we do enjoy sleeping in and relaxing before we sleep.

We were up close to 6-7 am every morning (primarily due to the time change) and were back in our room around 8:00 pm, just beat. We made the most out of our days, sometimes doing things like snorkeling in the morning, shopping in the afternoon and surfing in the evening. And when we got back to the hotel, we would either go relax by the pool (alright if we are being honest, The Hubby was playing in the pool with his GoPro), swim in the ocean/sit on the beach or just lounge in our room… and it felt great.

One thing we tried to do every night was catch the sunset. The sunsets were absolutely breathtaking and we either rushed to the water’s edge after dinner to catch a glimpse, raced back to our hotel and ran toward the water or were already in viewing site to make sure and see it. 


IMG_2885 IMG_2880

IMG_2834 IMG_2809



Our last night in Hawaii was my FAVORITE night of relaxing; snuggled up in our room watching the season premiere of The Bachelorette!!! It couldn’t get any better!!!



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