Look Out, Vegas! Here Comes…One Tired, Drab Mommy of Two


I am heading to Vegas (baby!) this weekend for a bachelorette party. One of my good friends is getting married soon so we girls are hitting up sin city.

While I am excited and looking forward to the weekend away, I am also terrified!

This weekend is going to entail long nights, alcoholic beverages galore and itsy-bitsy, teeny weenie, yellow polka -dot bikinis.

You might call me Mrs. Opposite to all of this.

First, I do not stay out all night anymore…. like ever. I consider a “night out” being home by 10:00. In fact, my last “girl’s night out” consisted of driving an hour and a half to the “big city”  in our area to hit up Hobby Lobby, a craft/home store I have been wanting to go to for quite some time now, followed by dinner out. And it was a BLAST. No kids tugging on our shirts, pulling things off the shelves or rushing us down the aisles. We were able to slowly walk up and down each aisle just browsing at nothing specific. Dinner afterward was at a nice restaurant where we didn’t have to worry if our kids were being too loud, how much food was being thrown under the table or how much longer our kids would stay in their seats. We ate in peace, sipped on fruity beverages, and  had one of the best conversations we’ve ever had instead. And I had the BEST time! We got home around 11:00 and I was beat. Point proven.

The last time I had more than one or two alcoholic beverages was…..was…..


Well there you have it. I don’t even know. It may have even been in Alaska after we got married in 2009! I have had a couple of beverages here and there at weddings, but that was about it.

And I am beyond ghostly white, still have the linea nigra line down my belly from being pregnant and my wardrobe is in no way Vegas-appropriate. Unless Vegas now accepts yoga pants, t-shirts, tennis shoes and pony tails/buns. Drab! Now that would look gooooOOOOOod next to those non-child bearing, perfectly tanned,  hip party girls that I will be…… far away from surrounded by.

Buuuuuuut, that’s me. I am just in a different phase of life these days and while I may struggle in keeping up with the other ladies, I look forward to seeing some old friends, catching up, sleeping in and soaking up some beautiful rays.  A few beverages couldn’t hurt, either. :)

So look out Vegas, here comes one sleepy, Casper-esque mommy of two!

I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. 😉 (Well, maybe this weekend I would…)

Perhaps I will get a spray tan.


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