And The Best Daddy in the World Award Goes to…..

You want to know what The Hubby did while I was in Vegas for the weekend?? It might be one of the last things one might guess a husband might do while  away…

Get ready…..

It started out with lunch and the park with the kids…. which is nice and awesome and all…

image (29)

image (28)


But then he potty-trained the toddler!!!


image (25)


image (27)

AND transitioned her from the crib to a toddler bed!!!

image (30)



image (26)


All by himself!!!

What husband DOES that!?

Now do you believe me when I tell you my mouth was hitting the floor when I learned what was going on!?!?!?

Only one accident occurred the first day while playing outside and she stayed in her new bed during naps and at bed time until her daddy got her up,  not getting  out AT ALL!!!

We are going on day five now and she has yet to poop. I can’t even imagine what is building up in there. She has also yet to get out of her bed.

Clearly I did not give the girl enough credit.

A HHEEEEEEUUUUGE thank you goes out to my hubby for doing all of this. The guy deserves MAD props! Yeah, I said it.

And to top it all off the house was spotless, he had homemade macaroni salad in the fridge and he did laundry…..

I think we need to change professions, here…..

Yeah, the best daddy in the world definitely goes to The Hubby. Hands down.

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