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Cuteness Overload… Beware! Cal-1, Gwyn-3 (And…Bon Voyage!)

Bon Voyage, Friends! The Hubby and I are off to HAWAII!! AND, we are going without the kids for my friend’s wedding, so I am going to enjoy myself and fully take advantage of the sleeping in, sunny days, umbrella drinks, crazy adventures, and hot sand and leave the blogging, waking up early, motherly duties and […]

Mortified by Pee

Gwyn had her first public accident yesterday. Actually, she had two. In the same day. I consider myself partially to blame, though. I had just picked Gwyn up from preschool and she usually uses the potty before I pick her, but there was a different teacher there that day and I’m not sure how often […]

A Birthday Interview With a Three-Year-Old

I would like to try and interview our kiddos on their birthdays each year to see how their answers change as they grow.  Below is Gwyn’s interview at three years old:   What is your full name? Gwyneth Marie Morscheck Who is in your family? Calvin. Mama. Daddy. And ME! How old are you now? […]

Gwyn’s Special Day Re-cap

For Gwyn’s special day, she requested “Jelly Beans”  for her treat to share with her preschool class since she was turning three. So, we compromised.   This little lady was sure excited her family was joining her at Preschool for her special lunch.   The next day was her actual birthday and I basically had […]

Gwyn Turns THREE!!!

Newborn Baby Gwyn One month Two months   Three months     Four months Five months   Six months Seven months Eight months   Nine months Ten months Eleven months   One year!     Eighteen months   Two Years!   Two-and-a-half   Three-years-old!   Daddy showing her a bug Our baby girl, Gwyn, turned […]

And The Best Daddy in the World Award Goes to…..

You want to know what The Hubby did while I was in Vegas for the weekend?? It might be one of the last things one might guess a husband might do while  away… Get ready….. It started out with lunch and the park with the kids…. which is nice and awesome and all…   But […]

What Happens in Vegas…… Is Shared With You. :)

Vegas. Wow, Vegas…. you really blew me out of the water this past weekend. As I mentioned toward the end of last week, I went to a bachelorette party this past weekend that was pretty much nonstop….. madness. I made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare…. because that’s what you have […]

Kid-Approved Baked Broccoli- I’ll Never Make Steamed Broccoli Again!

I found this recipe on Pinterest a few months ago and I will honestly never steam broccoli again. This recipe leaves the broccoli crisp and salty, almost like a french fry, thus pleasing my whole family. And it’s SO easy to make! Cut your broccoli into bite-sized pieces, put in a Ziplock bag and pour […]

Look Out, Vegas! Here Comes…One Tired, Drab Mommy of Two

I am heading to Vegas (baby!) this weekend for a bachelorette party. One of my good friends is getting married soon so we girls are hitting up sin city. While I am excited and looking forward to the weekend away, I am also terrified! This weekend is going to entail long nights, alcoholic beverages galore […]