WHERE are all the socks!?

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While folding laundry I am guaranteed to be left with at LEAST one pesky sock that doesn’t have a match. But, where does it go? It’s not in the dryer, it’s not near the dryer, it’s not under the bed, it’s not on the floor… where is it!?

And this doesn’t happen with just one sock… but multiple socks. I have started making piles in all of our rooms for missing socks so that when I come across its mate I know where to look, but the piles haven’t diminished much. In fact, they seemed to be multiplying. So last night I got fed up of not being able to find a matching pair f socks for Calvin and went on a hunt. I finished all of the laundry and then checked drawers, scoured the house, looked in corners and matched up every sock that I could.

And look how many I am left with!!

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That is exactly 50 single socks without a  mate.



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