Shots and Cones

Baby Cal recently had his one year checkup. This usually means waiting in the room for quite a bit while we wait for the doctor.

image (9)


image (8)

image (12)

image (11)

The actual checkup goes pretty quickly, and our little man checked out just fine.

image (7)

The absolute worst part of the visit is of course, the shots. Somehow I have managed to cower in the corner during this portion of the appointment every time and don’t actually have to be the one holding the child, as thankfully The Hubby takes this duty on.

image (10)

And I’d just like to give The Hubby a little shout-out right now as he has been to every single one of these check-ups. For BOTH kids. AND, including all of my appointments when I was pregnant. BOTH times.

I find that incredibly impressive.


After Gwyn got her one-year shots a few years ago we took her to Cougar Country for her first ice cream cone, so we only saw it fitting to do the same after Cal’s appointment.

Cal and The Hubby shared his first cone…

image (13)


Clearly, he was a fan.

image (14)

image (15)


Ooo cold!

image (16)

And Gwyn and I shared a cone as well.

image (21)

Though she did a little less sharing….”Gee, thanks, Gwyn!”

image (17)

image (20)


image (19)

Washing it down

image (18)

These little moments are what I have been waiting for my whole life. Even if they are as simple as sharing an ice cream cone with my family. I can’t get enough.

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