I Thought That Was Only in the Movies…

You know when you see kids do gross/strange things in movies and  you’re like, “pff, that doesn’t really happen…”


I put Gwyneth down for a nap a few days ago and heard the usual singing that occurs before falling asleep. Except  instead of silence after a few minutes, I heard screaming and crying and a long stream of sentences I couldn’t make out.

I rushed into her room and she was standing on the bed screaming about how a gummy was stuck in her nose.

Gwyn gets a vitamin gummy every day before nap time. She usually savors it by taking itty bitty bites, but I guess this time she thought it’d be a genius idea to taste it via her left nostril.

I quickly grabbed a butt wipe and instructed her to blow it out of her nose. But since the kid can’t blow her nose yet, it took me showing her several times, only to have her hold the wipe up to her nose while blowing air out of her mouth  making a “blowing” sound.

Not working.

More crying.

I didn’t know what else to do, so after doing a 360 -degree circle looking for some kind of answer, I stuck my pinky finger up her nose.

I did pause a second before doing so, realizing that by doing this I could be jamming whatever object was up there even further, but my daughter honestly has nostrils on the larger side and I thought if I went slow, I could maybe feel how far up there it was.

So, in the finger went and I swooped all around while we both kind-of looked at each other like I was invading a total private area, but I felt nothing.

Again, up the finger went, swooping all around while thinking “doesn’t this only happen in the movies!?” and nothing.

I then acted like I found something, stuck “it” into the wipe and said “I got it!!!” which seemed to comfort her. Because I couldn’t feel anything I wondered if maybe there never was a gummy up there or maybe she had swallowed it. She then asked to see it, and while fumbling over my words I claimed that I just dropped it while looking to the floor.

She didn’t fall for this act and started yelling again about how it was still up there.  This convinced me that there really was something up there.

More nose invasion and again….. nothing.

So Gwyn then stuck her finger up there, dug all around before yelling, “I got it!!!” and pulled out this…

image (26)

She then tried to eat it.

Sick child.


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