Face Vibrators

A few nights ago The Hubby walked through the door after work and immediately asked me to call around for a sitter as he wanted to take me out.


You don’t have to ask me twice!

We didn’t have an agenda. We didn’t have reservations anywhere. We just wanted to get out and be with each other. And it was such an enexpected treat.

We started off our impromptu date at Michaels! Yay for me! Boo for The Hubby. We then went to our favorite pizza restaurant and shared two pizzas, to a bar down the road for a beer, and then to the mall just to walk around aimlessly.

We did a little shopping before ending the evening in Macys, right before it closed.


Now let me give you a little backstory.

A couple months ago we were in Seattle and I was at Sephora. I was approached by a saleswoman and she asked me if there was anything she could help me find. I asked her to show me the newest, most exciting… something. Whatever it was. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, I was just enjoying my outing. She then took me over to the back wall and started going  on about this new thing called the Clarisonic Mia.

Clarisonic Mia is available in multiple colors

This was not what I was hoping to be shown. Some face cleaning brush that yadda yadda yadda.

I tuned her out and politely excused myself after she was done.

The next day at a friend’s house I noticed that she had one of those Clarisonic Mia face cleaning brushes. I forgot to ask her about it, though,  and I went on my way.

About a week later I was at Macys with The Hubby and there they were, the face brushes. As I started to read a brochure, a lady came up to me and said the brush was the best thing she has ever purchased and that she no longer wore foundation.

Hmmm, you’re just trying to get me to buy this thing, I thought.

So I asked a random worker at a nearby counter if she had one of these brushes, and she said that she did and that she too, loved it. So I asked another. She loved it too.

Then the questions started and before I knew it, I was sold. I brought The Hubby over and Mr. Skeptic wasn’t having it. He rushed us out of there and tried to convince me of what a scam that thing was.

Now fast-forward to our date a few nights ago.

There I was, once again in front of the Clarasonic Mia, asking a different sales lady (I’ll call her Girl Number One) all about it. She just purchased one herself and loooooved it. This is when another gal (I’ll call her Girl Number Two) popped over and raved about hers.

I saw The Hubby from a  distance in the Mens Department and told  Girl Number Two to go back and hide and after I brought The Hubby on over to pop on back and re-tell me the same spiel, you know, for the first time.

So, The Hubby came over and Girl Number One and I were chatting about it as I tried convincing him how great this thing was, and again, he wasn’t buying it.

This is when Girl Number Two came out from behind a jewelry stand and told her very convincing story. “Life-changing” she even stated.

The Hubby….. not sold.

“What you want is a face vibrator!?” he stated after feeling it on his hand.


“Yeah! That’s all this thing is, a brush that vibrates. A face vibrator.”

More talking with the girls. Enough so that I think I am making headway until he said this comment…

I know. Why don’t you get your Sonicare toothbrush at home and rub it all over your face.”

This had all the girls laughing.

“Gwyneth would be so confused,” as he gestures brushing his face with a toothbrush.

Again. Laughter.

On the way home the conversation didn’t end there and The Hubby suggested getting me a sander and attaching something to it himself that would do the same thing and it took me until we were almost home to come up with, “What would make MIA really happy is a Mia!”


So my quest now, as I haven’t even used one of these things myself and I am completely sold while The Hubby is completely skeptical on the fence, is to find more people who  have used one of these Clarisonic skin cleaning brushes .

What is your opinion? Do you like/dislike it? Is it worth the money? What do you like about it? If you haven’t a clue as to what this thing is, you can read more about it HERE.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Happy Monday :)


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