Come See Us at the Spring Boutique Craft Fair Today and Tomorrow!

It is no secret that I LOVE craft fairs. Finding unique treasures that people have created themselves makes me happy and when I find something special that I can bring into our home I gladly support the local artists, vendors and crafters.

This weekend is the Spring Boutique Craft Fair here in our town and not only will I be shopping my little tail off, but I am actually a vendor this year too!


A friend and I decided to go ahead and man our own booth as a side project to take on and it has been fun collaborating on ideas and different creations.

We settled on four thing to sell at our booth, which we concluded were incredibly random.

Pottery Barn-Inspired Growth Chart Rulers

Sweater Pillows

Framed Chalkboards


Uhhhhh RANDOM! Right!?

But, that’s okay! Maybe that’ll be the name of our booth…. “Random, Right!?”

Here is a sneak peak at what we have to offer:

These Pottery Barn-Inspired Growth Chart Rulers are perfect for any home, especially a home with little ones running around. No more marking up your walls or crown molding and these can be taken from home to home, ensuring to preserve the memories and measurements of your little ones. Even better, your children can give these to their own children one day, passing along as a family treasure. How neat would it be to see the measurements of your own parents, or even grandparents all in one place?


These sweater pillows will dress up your living room, guest room or bedroom and give it that extra special little touch that it may be lacking. We’ve got some that are perfect for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter so that your home will be ready for each season. Below are just a few that we will have at the boutique!





These fun, shabby chalkboards are all the rage right now to have in one’s home as they are practical AND adorable to use for notes and/or quotes! Use them in the kitchen, living room, laundry room, children’s bedrooms, dorm room, wherever!


And finally, who doesn’t want need a snack when shopping?? Especially a chocolaty chunk snack!? We will also have these insanely delicious chocolate chunk cookies available to give you the extra boost you will need to keep the shopping rolling. cookie


Some other vendors and items to look for  at the Spring Boutique include:

Rachael’s Soaps, Flirt Earrings, 31 Bags, wooden creations, Unique hair creations, Premiere Design Jewelry, doTerra Essential Oils, Salve-E-Sisters, crocheted hats and ear warmers, Scentsy, homemade blankets, gardening items, headbands and bows and much more!

So please come out and support your local ladies! Can’t wait to see you there!

Happy Friday!


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