Being Alone

My husband had to suddenly leave town for about five days a couple weeks ago, which of course I dislike. In fact, it just downright sucks.

I start to think crazy things when it is just the kids and I at night and I can never fall asleep until pretty late. What if someone were to break in? What would I do? Whose room would I go into first? How could we escape? Would I try to fight back? What if my phone didn’t work?

Am I alone with these thoughts? Am I paranoid? Sometimes I think so.

But then sometimes I think I hear things from my bedroom while I am lying there in the dark and my heart skips a beat. I immediately check the monitors to see if someone is lurking in my children’s rooms before I realize it is something like the dogs  moving around in the kitchen.

My kids also seem to ALWAYS get sick or are extra hard on me while my husband is away.

For example, at 3.5-4 months old Calvin decided to wake up every 1.5 hours throughout the night while The Hubby was away for eight days. I was a complete mess and decided sleep training the kid was my only means for survival.

Another time, Gwyneth got the worst flu bug I have ever seen. Lethargic. Super pukey. Limp. Pale. A mess. And she puked for a solid two days straight. Thank goodness my in-laws were able to help me with that scenario.

This last time, Calvin got an ear infection and diarrhea.

Why? Why does this happen ONLY when he is gone?

It’s also lonely. Don’t get me wrong, the kids keep me plenty busy, but not having an adult to talk to in the evenings is just that; lonely.

The ONLY perks to him being away are that I don’t end up cooking big dinners. The kids will eat whatever and I usually eat cereal. Like for every meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Repeat. It’s been made clear that I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, so this is a plus for me.

I also get to watch whatever I would like on the TV in the evenings. Real Housewives? Check. Kourtney and Kim Take Miami? Check. Lifetime Movies? Check.

Buuuuuuuuuut….. those pale in comparison to having the husband home.

No one to help with anything. No one to talk to. No one to love on.

Is there anything you do differently when your loved one is out of town? I’m curious. Things to make your life easier? Things different than the norm?

Hope you are having a happy Thursday!

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