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I Thought That Was Only in the Movies…

You know when you see kids do gross/strange things in movies and  you’re like, “pff, that doesn’t really happen…”   I put Gwyneth down for a nap a few days ago and heard the usual singing that occurs before falling asleep. Except  instead of silence after a few minutes, I heard screaming and crying and a […]

Done With The Boobs….(just about)

Nursing our babies was both challenging and rewarding. My goal in nursing both of our children was to make it to a year. My pediatrician recommended a year, if possible, so that was the goal I set for myself. I realize this is not possible for every mother and whatever is chosen for each situation […]

Being Alone

My husband had to suddenly leave town for about five days a couple weeks ago, which of course I dislike. In fact, it just downright sucks. I start to think crazy things when it is just the kids and I at night and I can never fall asleep until pretty late. What if someone were […]

WHERE are all the socks!?

  While folding laundry I am guaranteed to be left with at LEAST one pesky sock that doesn’t have a match. But, where does it go? It’s not in the dryer, it’s not near the dryer, it’s not under the bed, it’s not on the floor… where is it!? And this doesn’t happen with just […]

Face Vibrators

A few nights ago The Hubby walked through the door after work and immediately asked me to call around for a sitter as he wanted to take me out. YAHOO!!! You don’t have to ask me twice! We didn’t have an agenda. We didn’t have reservations anywhere. We just wanted to get out and be […]

What Your Shopping Contents Say About You- A Story

I am going to tell you a story. A few nights ago I was at the grocery store doing a little child-free shopping and once finished I headed for the shortest line to check out. A few seconds after I chose my line a young man got in line behind me. I glanced over my […]

Shots and Cones

Baby Cal recently had his one year checkup. This usually means waiting in the room for quite a bit while we wait for the doctor.   The actual checkup goes pretty quickly, and our little man checked out just fine. The absolute worst part of the visit is of course, the shots. Somehow I have […]

What Went Down as a Vendor at My First Craft Fair

You may be wondering how our craft fair experience went this past weekend. Or maybe you could care less. Ha! But you landed on this post somehow so I shall tell you. On the day of the craft fair, I had one more pillow to sew, flower pins to make, I needed to go to […]

Come See Us at the Spring Boutique Craft Fair Today and Tomorrow!

It is no secret that I LOVE craft fairs. Finding unique treasures that people have created themselves makes me happy and when I find something special that I can bring into our home I gladly support the local artists, vendors and crafters. This weekend is the Spring Boutique Craft Fair here in our town and […]

Calvin’s Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday- Part 3- The Guests & Fun

If you missed part 1- the food- of the party click here or part 2- the decor-of the party click here. The proud parents with the birthday boy. t Pictures with Mom before Dad noticed the green leg warmers….   Aaaaaand Dad noticed them and ripped those right off.   The little butterfly of the […]