“The Lindsay” and “The Catherine”- Bachelor-Inspired Finale Cupcakes!

(I apologize for the funky spacing, I wrote this in Word Pad and it’s not transferring nicely.)


As you probably know, the season finale of The Bachelor is TONIGHT!!!
This is a little bittersweet for me because that means no more bachelor mondays for a while, (sigh) but I suppose that’s life. 😉
The final two ladies up for Sean’s heart are Lindsay and Catherine.
These two ladies weren’t my top picks; in fact, I didn’t see them going far at all. But then again what the hell do I know.
Lindsay exited the limo on the first night in a wedding gown, quite tipsy and making a bit of a fool of herself. This was actually quite disappointing to me since she went to the same college as I and I was excited to root her along. I don’t think I am alone when I say I thought she was going home that night. And when she didn’t, then for sure the next episode. And when she didn’t then either, then surely she wouldn’t make it much further. But she did. She and Sean seemed to be very physically attracted to one another, continually making out and not seeming to have many in-depth conversations, so again, I didn’t see their relationship lasting. She is cute, sweet, maybe a little young? In the end we did see that she and Sean had a few more serious conversations…. but…. yeah. I’m not sold.
Catherine came out of the limo with a huge grin and her exotic, funky personality has continued to capture Sean’s heart. I always thought she just kindof seemed like your best friend’s little sister. The one who has a crush on you and is found peeking and giggling behind corners. She is continually quirky, has a contagious smile and is a bit awkward. She even said one of the most awkward statements in bachelor history; “I’m vegan but I love the beef.” Girl, your mother is watching. His mother is watching. America, is watching. I never saw a huge physical connection between these two, again making her seem like a little sister. She too is cute and sweet but, yeah. I’m not sold.
So, in the end I guess I am not sure who I am rooting for? I suppose Catherine?
Nonetheless I am excited for tonight and in honor of tonight’s finale I made two different cupcakes inspired by the two finalists. I did this with last season as well and made “The Arie” and “The Jef With One F” and you can see those cupcakes HERE.
Introducing…. “The Lindsay.”


This is a pink champagne cupcake with a strawberry and champagne buttercream, adorned with a white chocolate wedding tiara and mini red lips sprinkles.
I chose a champage cupcake because of how wasted she was on the first night and chose to make it pink because of how rosy her cheeks were because of that alcohol (perhaps a “blushing” bride?). I included strawberries into the champagne buttercream because they just pair nicely together (perhaps like she and Sean?) and adorned the cupcake with a white chocolate wedding tiara for obvious reasons and the mini red lips sprinkles because of their nonstop makeout sessions.
Introducing…. “The Catherine.”

This is a brown sugar cupcake with a maple buttercream, adorned with a candied bacon strip and drizzled with caramel sauce.
This one was a little harder, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the awkward “beef” statement, which got me thinking as to how I could incorperate meat somehow. I chose a brown sugar cupcake because of her gorgeously tanned complexion and landed on bacon as the “meat” component. What compliments bacon? Maple syrup. So that is why I chose a maple buttercream, and the cupcake was drizzled with caramel sauce because Catherine is quite saucy herself.
So there you have it. Which one will I be eating later tonght!? Only time will tell!

Happy finale night Monday!


  1. This is seriously such a cute idea. I mean, cupcakes to reflect the personalities of the contestants – genious. Where did you ever come up with it? You should probably make it as serious and share the recipes! I would love to make the one with the bacon on it. That’s one crazy cupcake!

    • Ha! Thanks, Melissa! I just get SO excited about The Bachelor, and combined with my love for baking, it just all made sense! Next time I will be sure to share the recipes, too! And I will try to remember what I did for that bacon one for ya! SO GOOD!!


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