Checking Beavers and The Quotable Kid

Gwyn received a doctor toy for Christmas and loves helping her “patients” feel better. While playing with her daddy one evening…

Gwyn: “You sick, Daddy?”

Daddy: “Yeah, I am not feeling well.”

Gwyn: “Okay, I make you feel better.”

Daddy: “Thank you, Sweetie.”

Gwyn: “Say ahhhhh”- While looking in his mouth.

Daddy: “Ahhhhhh……..”

Gwyn: “Okay, now l need to check your beaver.”

Daddy: “…………………You need to do what!?”

Gwyn: “I need to check your beaver, Daddy!”

Daddy: “………………”

Gwyn then precedes to get her thermometer and check his beaver.

Aka, fever. :)


These are the kinds of things we as parents want to remember our kids saying. That’s why when I came across the book, “My Quotable Kid” while shopping in Seattle I just HAD to get it.


It’s basically just a cute, hardcover journal with designated areas to jot down the adorable/funny/weird/awkward things our kids say and includes a place for the “when” and”where” these things took place. There is also a spot for your child’s  picture in the front if you plan to have one of these for each child to potentially give to them one day, or you can just include one picture of all your kids and keep it for yourself.

I picked up two books as I was pretty sure Gwyn would fill one up all to herself with the crazy things coming out of her mouth these days.


You can find these in specialty gift shops, or places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, too!

Happy Wednesday!

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