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Purposely Pooping

The other morning as the kids and I were just about to head out the door, Gwyn casually asks, “Mommy, will you change my poo poo?” Thinking, of course she poo’d right as we are trying to leave, I reply, “Sigh….yeah, hon, let’s go to your room” as I put Calvin’s car seat down and […]

One Large Slab of Mommy Mayhem

You know when you are on Mommy Cloud Nine because your kids have been so sweet and you are so thankful to be their Mommy and life really just couldn’t be any better? You know how good that feels? Well, think of that feeling and then imagine the opposite. I was feeling that “Mommy High,” […]

Checking Beavers and The Quotable Kid

Gwyn received a doctor toy for Christmas and loves helping her “patients” feel better. While playing with her daddy one evening… Gwyn: “You sick, Daddy?” Daddy: “Yeah, I am not feeling well.” Gwyn: “Okay, I make you feel better.” Daddy: “Thank you, Sweetie.” Gwyn: “Say ahhhhh”- While looking in his mouth. Daddy: “Ahhhhhh……..” Gwyn: “Okay, […]

Succulent Pan-Seared Scallops

For Valentines Day I had planned a special meal for The Hubby and I of one of our favorite foods, scallops. We had THE BEST scallops ever in Portland for New Years at The Nines hotel a couple years ago and I had forgotten how good those were until I recently ordered scallops at a […]

“The Lindsay” and “The Catherine”- Bachelor-Inspired Finale Cupcakes!

(I apologize for the funky spacing, I wrote this in Word Pad and it’s not transferring nicely.) As you probably know, the season finale of The Bachelor is TONIGHT!!! This is a little bittersweet for me because that means no more bachelor mondays for a while, (sigh) but I suppose that’s life. šŸ˜‰ The final […]

I Once Had a Bully

I once had a bully. She was tall and had white-blonde straight hair. She was popular and walked around with confidence. She was one year older. She had striking blue eyes and was quite beautiful. I had never hated anyone before. Until I returned back to school shortly after my father had passed away and […]

Bowties and Brunch Baby Shower

For this Bowties and Brunch baby shower we wanted to welcome a new little man into the world using colors like yellow, orange, blue, green and small touches of deep red (to coordinate with the deep red wall) whileĀ incorporatingĀ the much-adorned bowtie and mid-morning meal, brunch. Bowtie Cake Pops Chocolate-covered pretzels Banana Cupcake with Vanilla Bean […]

Baby Cal Turned 11… Months!

Yep, you read that correctly. Baby Cal turned 11 months. He is one big ball of love and will melt any female’s heart with his big baby blues. The number one compliment that he receives is how awesome his crazy, wild hair is. His tongue can often be found dangling from his mouth You can […]