My Fantasy Bachelor-esque Surprise Getaway

I’m not one to shout to the world, “Look what my hubby did!”

But seriously….. look what my hubby did!!!!

For Valentines Day I had purchased all of the ingredients to make a romantic dinner at home for The Hubby and I since we would have the kids.

I had everything ready to go, but on Tuesday night  The Hubby overheard me talking about some obligations I had during the day on Thursday and he then informed me that I would have to get them covered as we were leaving by 9:30 am on Thursday morning for a destination he would not reveal.

I immediately lit up because I just love surprises.  I got my obligations covered, packed my bag (which was a little hard not knowing where we would be going!) and on Thursday morning The Hubby got up, got himself showered and then whisked the kids away to my in-laws’ house so that I could get ready in peace  before coming home and handing me this…



I was just a little giggling school girl as I pulled this out…


image (2)

My Hubby was giving me my very own date card,  just like they do on The Bachelor, which is no secret to anyone a show I just love.

Giddy as can be, The Hubby and I set out on our date and enjoyed the drive, sans kids, just enjoying the scenery, the quiet, and each other’s company.

image (23)

image (22)

I still had to pump every now and then throughout the trip, a fact we decided probably never happens in real life on The Bachelor.

image (26)

We stopped for lunch and mowed down on some greasy, drive-in grub at one of the only stops along the way.

image (24)


And about thirty minutes before we arrived, we noticed we were extremely low on gas. Like, zero miles until empty. We were really nervous and didn’t think we would make it to the nearest gas station which is why I had the road-side assistance info in my lap. During this time we started debating who should be the one to run for gas, both thinking we could beat the other one. We concluded that The Hubby could probably get there faster, but I could last longer, therefore possibly making the round-trip faster….. Nonetheless we didn’t need to decide as we did make it to the gas station, barely. (The tortoise always beats the hare, right!?)


image (21)


At about 3:00 we made it to Seattle (!) and to our destination.


image (20)

We were going indoor sky-diving!!! Or as my Hubby put it, we were going to “fear-bond!!!” I thought this was just great, as in almost every episode this season Sean and the girls are doing something fearful which is supposed to test their limits, therefore bonding them. So that is exactly what we were going to do. Fear-bond.

We had a little time to kill beforehand so we grabbed a glass of liquid courage.

image (19)

Once there we took the little “how-to” class, suited up and away we went! I was in the red suit, and The Hubby in green.

image (17)


We were all smiles during this whole adventure and just loved it.

image (18)

image (16)

After, we did a little shopping at a nearby mall before heading to a nice dinner where they happened to be serving two-for-one drink specials. So no, I don’t normally double-fist it.

image (36)

image (15)


Pretty tired, we decided to call it a night. We were staying at a place about 45 minutes away, so it was a bit of a drive, but once there The Hubby handed me another envelope, which again had me looking like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

image (11)

The Fantasy Suite card with the wording exactly like the real-deal.

image (10)

I accepted the invitation. :)

image (5)

And before bed, The Hubby set aside a single rose and asked me if I would accept, in which of course, I did.


Because it was so dark when we arrived the night before, I didn’t get a good look at our surroundings and when I woke up the next morning and looked out the window, I saw the beautiful, calm ocean. W e stayed RIGHT on the ocean.

image (13)

A few minutes later The Hubby walked in the door with breakfast.

image (12)

We took our breakfast and then went on a beautiful, slow boat ride cuddled in puffy coats and warm blankets.

image (8)

image (7)

Once we landed I found some seashells to bring home to Gwyn before showering up and heading out to lunch.

image (6)


We went to a delicious restaurant right in Gig Harbor and ate over-looking the water.

image (4)

image (3)


After lunch we hit the road and went to one of my favorite parts of Seattle…. The outdoor mall in University Village.

image (27)


We perused some of my favorites like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn and Lululemon.

image (35)

image (34)


And we took a little pit-stop to share a Guinness and Caramel cupcake. So good.

image (28)


We then met up with some friends and went to a couple of bars, my favorite being the one with New York style pizza, pool tables and a photo booth! RIGHT up my alley!!

image (32)

image (31)

image (37)

The next morning The Hubby and I went to a nice breakfast where we split our meals, something we often do when we both want the same thing, before hitting the road for home.

image (30)

image (29)


This was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful trips of my life. It truly meant the world to me that The Hubby put this much effort just to surprise and love on me.

Still swooning.


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