One Large Slab of Mommy Heaven

(Last night)

Ohhhhhh Mommy Heaven. I am in complete, heart-swelling, emotion-overloading Mommy Heaven.

Before bed tonight Gwyn and I went in her room to play with her princess castle. It was a short play-period, though, because her princesses were missing. Seeming worried, I told Gwyn they were just in Fairy Land going to sleep for the night and that we would find them in the morning. She seemed okay with this answer, we exchanged a hug and a kiss and to bed she went.

About twenty minutes later, Gwyn started crying, calling out about something we could not understand. Thinking she would go to sleep, we didn’t get right up, but after a few minutes The Hubby went into her room to discover that she was upset that the princesses were in Fairy Land and that she didn’t know where they were. The Hubby tried looking for them and comforting her but they were nowhere to be found.

He came out to the living room and asked if I knew where any of the princesses were, and thinking I knew where one might be, I went into her room and was able to find three of them. As each princess was pulled out from under the bed, a tear was wiped away and replaced with a bigger and bigger smile.

As I tucked Gwyn back into bed and was about to exit the room, the Mommy Heaven moment began.

Gwyn: “Sleep with me, Mommy.”

Me:”……………….Okay.” I said with a smile.  This isn’t out of the ordinary for The Hubby or I to snuggle in with Gwyn every now and then, climbing in to her crib and nestling ourselves in.  When we usually do this she gets a little riled up but is just so completely happy it is worth it.

Tonight, tonight was different though.

Gwyn scooted over and patted the pillow with her hand for me to rest my head next to hers. With   Gwyn on her back and me on my side, we cuddled each other close with our noses touching, face to face in the dark.

For about a minute or two we just stared into each other’s eyes. Not saying a word. We just stared and laid next to each other embracing the moment.

Me: “I love you so much, Gwyn.”

Her: “I love you so much too, Mama.”

Me: “You’re my favorite girl in the whole wide world.”

Her: “You are MY favorite girl too, Mama.”

Giggling and with smiles plastered to our faces I whispered for Gwyn to close her eyes. She listened, and there we rested for a solid five, maybe ten minutes, still face-t0-face with our eyes closed as I brushed my hand over her face and hair, feeling her little chest move up and down. Her warm breath blew against my cheek and I couldn’t help but want to peek at her sweet face as she rested.

Once my eyes opened, hers did the same and again, we stared. She then raised her hand, placed it on my cheek and whispered, “Close your eyes, Sweetie.”

Just about melted, I did as I was asked while she then brushed her hand repeatedly from the top of my head to the point of my chin.

And I savored every minute of this.

She then reached for her favorite blankey, took it off of herself and placed it on my arms.

Me: “I will cover us both with it.”

Her: “Okay, Mama, we will share it.”

She then grabbed my face with both of her hands and planted three, sweet, soft kisses on my lips.

I wanted the world to stop in this moment and never start moving again. This moment, was perfection. And I couldn’t help but think that this perfect moment is worth every disgusting, frustrating and tiring moment.

This perfect moment, is why I became a mother.

After a few more minutes of soft kisses, warm snuggles, and gentle embraces, I picked myself up out of the crib as Gwyn pulled the covers over her chest.

Me: “Goodnight, Gwyneth. I love you so much.”

Her: “I love you too, Mama. Kiss and a hug.”

I reached down, we did our traditional three smooches, gave each other a tight, lingering hug and I walked out of the room in a dreamy, drunken love state.


So in love with that girl.

So. In. Love.

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