Melted Crayon Heart Valentine for Kids- DIY

Valentines Day is coming up quickly and I wanted to make something for my little cherubs to celebrate  the special day that wasn’t overflowing with sugar. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of sugar consumed that day on all of our parts, but when I came across these little crayon hearts on Pinterest, I knew that was the project for me.

These are SO easy to make and the only thing you probably need to pick up from the store are silicone molds. These ones came from Michaels (use those coupons!) and I think these can also be found at Walmart.


Silicone molds in shape of choice

Crayons (about 10 per mold)


Optional- Paper, glue, marker and tape.

Just peel the paper off of your child’s broken crayons, break into small pieces, put into the mold and bake at 300* for 10-15 minutes. Then let cool until hardened or put in the freezer to harden quicker and peel out of the mold. EASY!

Tip* Put your favorite colors on the bottom, as that is the side that comes out best once you take the crayon out of the mold.


I then just cut out a couple of circles, glued them together and made it all into a little Valentine taping the crayon to the top and writing a little message around the edge.




Pretty cute!

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