Holy Mother of Bargain Shopping

A friend of mine recently went to Macy’s while they were having a huge sale.



As she was sending me picture texts of various clothing articles I started to feel the inner tigress inside of me and I knew I just had to go myself. It was 5:15 pm, which at our house means cranky- children-who-need-dinner-time, and Macy’s is a good 15 or so minutes away….

But I had to do it. I can NOT miss a sale like that!

So thankfully The Hubby watched Cal while I strapped Gwyn in the car, picked up a Happy Meal, and zipped on over to the next town. I set Gwyn up in the stroller with her food and she and I were good to go.

I have been on the lookout for cheap, chunky (preferable cable knit) sweaters ever since I went to Seattle and spotted this pillow at Pottery Barn. But, cable knit isn’t exactly cheap, so I have been striking out.

Until…… tonight. I found THREE all in the preferred cream color I have been looking for! Look out for a DIY sweater pillow post soon!

image (59)

And then came the children’s section….

SO many cute options! And actually, I found more things I liked for Cal! I did have to refrain myself a little bit here.

And the things I ended up with weren’t chintsy, cheap pieces of clothing, but NICE stuff!

For Cal I got these two sweaters…

image (60) image (58)

For Gwyn I picked up a white ruffled shirt and a red cardigan with gray patched on the elbows (which I LOVE!)

image (56)

For a friend’s new baby this ADORABLE and incredibly soft pink ruffle shirt and extremely scrumptious cream and cheetah cardigan.

image (57)


I couldn’t leave The Hubby out, so I picked up this very nice sweater that was originally $69 for only about $5!

image (55) image (54)

So, I got all of this….


image (61)

for $40!!!!!!

That’s IT! It retailed at $361.09, so I saved a total of $321.09!  PFF!! I practically STOLE these clothes from the store!

But wait…….

My friend…..

She got all of this….


This too…


19 shirts

8 sweaters

5 pairs of pants

6 sets of pajamas

2 winter coats

2 memory foam pillows (NICE ones)

1 queen sheet set (800 thread count, btw)

1 men’s belt

4 bath towels

1 infant three-piece suit

1 winter hat/glove set


…for $470.89 when it all retailed at $1,939.06!!!!!

How did we score so big, you might ask?

Well to start, Macy’s was having their winter sale. Then, my pal opened up a Macy’s card, saving an additional 20%. And THEN, Macy’s was having a promotion going  on that if you donated $2 to the American Heart Association, you got 20% off your purchase.

So you could pretty much get whatever your little heart desired for a minuscule amount AND help save lives.

Done and done.

I seriously love a good sale. Really gets my juice pumping. :)

The winter sale is still going on right now at Macy’s and we stopped in yesterday to pick up some sheets and they were taking an additional 40% off the lowest price! Get your buns on over there asap!

Happy Monday!

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