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Chicken and Whole Wheat Dumplings- Easy AND Healthy

  One of my go-to meals when I don’t have a lot of time, or when I just don’t want to cook, which is like, always, is this chicken and dumplings recipe. It’s SO easy, my whole family enjoys it, and you can substitute the chicken with leftover thanksgiving turkey if you’re trying to use […]

One Large Slab of Mommy Heaven

(Last night) Ohhhhhh Mommy Heaven. I am in complete, heart-swelling, emotion-overloading Mommy Heaven. Before bed tonight Gwyn and I went in her room to play with her princess castle. It was a short play-period, though, because her princesses were missing. Seeming worried, I told Gwyn they were just in Fairy Land going to sleep for […]

Holy Mother of Bargain Shopping

A friend of mine recently went to Macy’s while they were having a huge sale. HEEEEUGE sale. HEEEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOOOGE. Sale. As she was sending me picture texts of various clothing articles I started to feel the inner tigress inside of me and I knew I just had to go myself. It was 5:15 pm, which at […]

Low Fat Chocolate Chip Cookie Banana Cream Pie- Everyone will LOVE!!!

One of my go-to desserts that I KNOW will be a crowd-pleaser is this Chocolate Chip Cookie Banana Cream Pie. It’s EASY, fast and you can make it fairly healthy, too!   Ingredients: 1 package (or roll) of cookie dough (or use whatever you have on-hand if you have some homemade stored up.) 1 .9 […]

A Shabby Chic, Simple and Pink Baby Shower Dinner

Burlap and lace have been on my mind since about Christmas, so I was able to scratch that itch by using these two materials in this shabby chic, simple and pink baby shower dinner. This dinner party was elegant, intimate,  and incorporated little touches suited specially for the mama-to-be.   Lace napkin rings with the napkins […]

On Doing Something for Myself

I recently decided to do something for myself. Our “spare time” during the day usually consists of taking the kids to things they like to do such as the library, the children’s museum or the park. And when we go shopping, I bolt straight for the kiddie section. I just can’t help myself. But recently, I […]

My Fantasy Bachelor-esque Surprise Getaway

I’m not one to shout to the world, “Look what my hubby did!” But seriously….. look what my hubby did!!!! For Valentines Day I had purchased all of the ingredients to make a romantic dinner at home for The Hubby and I since we would have the kids. I had everything ready to go, but […]

I Love You Because… Gift for Loved One and/or Kids

A super simple (and last minute, if needed!) Valentine (or just because!) gift idea found on Pinterest is this “I love you because…” frame. You probably have all of the materials already in your house and who wouldn’t love receiving little love notes “just because” daily/weekly/monthly or however often you’d like to dole them out?? […]

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies

 Ohhhhhhh yum. These brownies are moist, chocolaty, a little creamy due to that cream cheese  layer and perfect for a delicious Valentines Day treat. I came across the recipe on Pinterest and just HAD to try it out.  The only thing I think I need to play with is the baking temperature and bake time. The […]

Melted Crayon Heart Valentine for Kids- DIY

Valentines Day is coming up quickly and I wanted to make something for my little cherubs to celebrate  the special day that wasn’t overflowing with sugar. Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of sugar consumed that day on all of our parts, but when I came across these little crayon hearts on Pinterest, […]