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I am not really into “Mom” jewelry, unless of course it is made by one of my children, but when I received a  necklace from Wickedly Mod jewelry I was pretty excited.
It’s modern, elegant and doesn’t have “MOM” plastered all over it.
Personalized Necklace - Mother Necklace - JULIA Double Cup with Single Drop (2 name cup w hammered cup) mother necklace
The packaging was beautiful and pristine and made the product feel even more special.

And I just love how the hand-stamped sterling silver discs can be stackable for multiple children. I chose for the larger disc to be hammered with Gwyneth’s name on it and to have a pearl on top of the smaller disc with Calvin’s name, though you can also choose to have a Swarovski crystal instead.

You also get to choose the type of font,  finish style, and the type and length of the chain.

I went for a longer, standard chain and am pleased with where it falls around my neck.

This is a special necklace to me that I am proud to wear. And since each piece is hand-crafted, no two pieces are exactly the same. There are a couple of holidays coming up (Valentines and Mother’s Day) so speak up now ladies!

I think this is also the perfect baby or wedding shower gift if you’d rather not give a set of bibs or toaster. Got a birthday or anniversary coming up? You will not be disappointed.

There are TONS of different styles and colors to choose from. Below are some of my other favorites.

Personalized Necklace - Mother Necklace - Mother Jewelry - DIANA with fleur-de-lis eternity necklace
Mother Necklace - Hand Stamped Jewelry - Personalized Necklace - Sheila Two (2) layered domed circle mother necklace
Personalized Necklace - Mother Necklace - Silver Jewelry - Hand Stamped Jewelry - KATE 3 layer custom handstamped necklace with inset cross
Oooo I bet my mom would like this one. She’s super into genealogy.Mom Necklace - Family Necklace - Personalized Necklace - KRIS family tree with birth month crystals mom necklace
There’s really something for everyone.
AND, you can get 14% off now until January 31st as a pre-Valentines Day special!
So go on over to Etsy and visit Wickedly Mod! Happy shopping!

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