The Bachelor Lowe-down:Red Flags, Kitty Purrs and Fifty Shades of Hell No

Once again I LOOOOVE Monday nights. It’s no surprise I like the show, but The Hubby and I sit down once again with no technology in front of us and enjoy this show together. We laugh. We crack jokes. We give each other WTF looks. We re-enact awful or shocking scenes… it’s great.

Last week was the first episode and it had us laughing out loud from the start. Arie, who was Emily’s “runner-up” and who was sent home right after Sean, stopped by to give Sean some advice before meeting the women. They did a little role-playing and before we knew it Arie and Sean were bromancing with Arie giving Sean some kissing tips, hand movements and all, and I just thought this was hilarious.

In this episode we met the ladies contending for Sean’s heart on The Bachelor. I will say that I wasn’t overly excited about one particular girl, but there are a few possible sweethearts in there that have a fighting chance.

I gave my first-glance guess last week as to who I thought might go far, and since hearing the ladies open their mouths, some opinions have drastically changed.

(Under each picture was my initial reaction.)

Amanda-The awkward pause girl. Ummm… I take her off my favorite list.

Amanda on the Bachelor 2013
She might just be one of my faves. Laid back, yet a  tad trendy without  trying too hard.

Keriann-She just has a deer-in-a-headlight look to her and ultimately got sent home.

Keriann on the Bachelor 2013
  Maybe it’s a bad photo, or maybe she is just too squinty for me. I can’t see what is behind those eyes…

Ashley H.- I wasn’t surprised when this gal went home. The blue pageant mermaid dress wasn’t the best choice and this “Southern Bell” was just too over-the-top.

Ashley H. on the Bachelor 2013
Ohhhhhhhhh boy.

Ashley P.-Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong here. I mean… REALLY!? You really think you’re going to capture ANY guy’s heart who is looking for love with a tie and strip tease dance? More like Fifty Shades of Hell No. Way… WAY off here. And she WONDERS why she is still single?? And don’t you know your mom is watching!?!? Thankfully, he sent her home.

Ashley P. on the Bachelor 2013
Seems sweet. I could probably like her..

AshLee-Okay this poor thing bounced around from various foster homes and was eventually adopted, and it is clear that all of this has played a huge role in her life. She is a professional organizer and I am hoping has a fun, more relaxed side since what we have seen so far is pretty….emotional. Kiiindof a red flag here…And I hate how her name is spelled.

Ashlee on the Bachelor 2013
I think I may have another top contender here.  Conservative, stylish, cute.  But her eyes are sending mixed signals.

Daniella-Handshake girl. Meh?.

Daniella on the Bachelor 2013
Oooo, looking a little too competitive for me. She means war!

Sarah- Foot. In. Mouth. This girl couldn’t be any sweeter and after hearing her speak I want to date the girl. I just thought she looked a little stoned in this picture, not having a clue she is missing an arm. Errrrrrr. Whoops.

Sarah on the Bachelor 2013
Doesn’t quite look all there…

Desiree-Still think she acts a little young, maybe more of that hopeless romantic type. Probably likes Hello Kitty and butterflies. Maybe it’s her laugh. Wore a super sexy dress and I think made a good impression.  He seemed to click with her as he gave her the second rose.

Desiree on the Bachelor 2013
Cute. I might just like her. Maybe a little young?

Lindsay-Oh boy. This gal is the “bride” and I have come to learn went to the same college that I did, and was even in the sorority next door to mine while I attended. So I was gunning for this girl from the get-go…. and then she stepped out of the limo and it all started going downhill from there. I STILL think she just had the nervous drinkies and had a few too many. I was glad to see that Sean kept her around. Hopefully she turns it around… if not at least she’s entertaining.

Lindsay on the Bachelor 2013
Looks pretty wholesome… could go pretty far…

Brooke- I think she purred in his ear. Like, a kitty purr. Real people do that? Her little swagger step was confident, which I liked, but sorry, I don’t think she is going to make it far.

Brooke on the Bachelor 2013
Yeah. This gal has a bit too much spunk  for this Bachelor…

Leslie M.- This girl is the kindof serious politician-esque girl from DC who seems to have a fun side but is playing the “working girl” card pretty hard.  She did do a cute little football thing for her introduction which I think he liked. It was fun. I could maybe be her friend.

Lesley on the Bachelor 2013
Helloooooooo Mom jeans.

Robyn-The back-handspring girl who bit the dust. Totally embarrassing. At least she had a sense of humor about it.

Robyn on the Bachelor 2013
Seems fun and flirty. Could probably kick his ass…

Lacey, known as “Lace.” -Didn’t get any good vibes from her. Not bad vibes either… but… yeah. Blah.

Lacey on the Bachelor 2013
Ooo… looks like a bit of drama here…

Tiara- I loved her excitement when she found out Sean is the bachelor. Though she’s pretty squeely. High-pitched squeely at that.  She seems really sweet and the fact that Sean gave her the first rose right out of the car means this girl is going far. BUT, the previews for the upcoming season portray her to be the possible villain…Dun dun duunnnnn…..

Tierra on the Bachelor 2013
Pretty…. may go decently far…

Diana-The divorced mom. Yeah….. the guy wants kids and all… but… juuuuuuust don’t see this one happening. Cute, though. Go moms!

Diana on the Bachelor 2013
Oh you’re just going to get trampled, you poor thing, you.

Lauren-The one from the Italian family who told Sean if he breaks her heart her dad will break his legs. Not the best intro…

Lauren on the Bachelor 2013
A little too perky for my taste

Katie-The shoeless yoga instructor. MMmmm…. don’t see it. I appreciate her free-will but wear shoes, damnit.

Katie on the Bachelor 2013
Not sure when I became such a jeans expert… but…… no.

Kelly- Wrote Sean the country song. From Tennessee. It was actually kindof cute….ish…a little bit… but the makeup was a little thick, or maybe it was her awful spray tan, and he ended up sending her home.

Kelly on the Bachelor 2013
And here’s the token sex appeal girl…

Kristy-The Ford model. Seems overly confident and has the potential to cause problems among the other girls. My Hubby also noted, “She can probably eat a very large apple.” And EEEWW on the feathered bangs!

Kristy on the Bachelor 2013
BAH! The JEANS! And holy white teeth!

Jackie-She’s the one who left the red lipstick mark on Sean’s cheek. So far she’s just… there.

Jakie on the Bachelor 2013
Sassy and she knows it. Conflict queen.

Taryn- The shy, sweet girl who forgot to tell Sean her name and seemed super nervous. I liked that about her. She cried when she didn’t get a chance to talk to Sean but he ended up giving her a rose anyway. Definitely opposite of the competitive gal I originally thought.

Taryn on the Bachelor 2013
Mrs. Competitive.

Leslie- Gorgeous smile, seems really fun. She can join my friend list.

Leslie on the Bachelor 2013
Lovin’ the style, seems nice..hate the

Catherine-Still seems like the little sister next door…

Catherine on the Bachelor 2013
I see her as the one who everyone gossips to..kind of like a little sister..

I don’t think he is that into her. The way she speaks bothers me a little bit.

Selma on the Bachelor 2013
I see some sass in this one!

And then the Mystery Girl came out.

And it was the beloved Kacie B from Ben’s season. I couldn’t really read Sean’s reaction upon seeing her. He seemed happy…but how happy, I am not sure. He did say he viewed her as a “friend” when he met her before. I sure did love her on Ben’s season…. we’ll see how I feel this second time around. Her dress was pretty sexy…maybe a  little too revealing…but she rocked it.

Looking forward to tonight!!!


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