One of the Best Gifts Imaginable

This week has been a challenging one for me.

The kids started out sick, which makes for looooooooooong days. Lots of whining, both kids wanting to be tended to at the same time, lots of booger wiping, disinfecting, poop changing, bathing, etc., etc.

And we are cooped up in the house which makes it even harder for me. Toys strewn about. Food all over bodies, floors and walls. Babies constantly crawling up my leg if not in my arms.

The time seems to purposely slither by as I glare at the clock, trying to speed up the hour hand with my eyes.

Then….. I caught it..

And that suckiness multipled due to zero energy.

The Hubby has had to work late this week, that of which he felt bad for. A sick mom taking care of sick kids is the pits. And he knows that.

So you know what he has offered?

The day off.

I get a day off.

He will take care of the kids, the house, the everything while I…….

Gosh, what will I do?

Probably sleep.

Probably run some kid-free errands.

Depending on how I feel maybe hit up the gym.

Maybe a little blogging.

Maybe a little crafting.

The possibilities are endless.

All I know is that if I am not away from the house, then I will be locking myself in our room. If I get hungry I wouldn’t put it past myself to order in… through our bedroom window. Or maybe I’ll pack snacks.

As for nursing Cal; sure. If I’m home. If not there are bottles made and I will pump. Or maybe I will even pump from our bedroom and slip the bottle outside my door when no one is looking.

This is the only thing getting me through this week; knowing that once 7:00 pm hits tonight, I am off duty for 24 hours.

Oh heavens. I might cry..

This is seriously the sweetest, best gift he could have given me.

Here’s to getting through today, a fabulous husband, and hoping my kids don’t kill him off in the end.

Because I would like him back.

Happy Wednesday! (But an even happier tomorrow!)

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