On Getting Rich, Quick.

The Hubby and I were watching Shark Tank one afternoon while the kiddos were napping and the show really got us thinking.

Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs present their big idea or creation to a panel of “buyers” who potentially buy into their businesses, becoming partners and making these people rich.

On this particular episode a fifteen-year-old girl made bottle cap magnets for her school locker because she didn’t like anything in the stores, eventually turned them into necklaces and now the damn sweet girl is a millionaire.

We just need one good idea and we are set. My theory is to think of something that is annoying in life and find a solution.

For instance, during our Shark Tank episode watching a commercial came on for the perfect pancake flipper pan. There is no batter splatter (Hmm not sure if they used that term but if not I should be paid for that one) and all you need to do is turn the pan over for the perfect flip. There is no need for butter or spray, so you’re also saving calories.


Genius, right?

So The Hubby and I started brainstorming on our own “get rich quick” ideas.

My ideas-

The Crusto Captain- You know those disgusting, stuck-on boogers on your kids’ noses that do NOT come off even with vigorous wiping? This is where The Crusto Captain comes in! It’s some contraption or solution  that immediately dissolves the boogers. Like, immediately. Dissolved. Yeah, working on this one.

Baby Hair Gel- For the perfect baby mohawk. Organic, because people like that kind of thing. And can maybe come in various colors for the tween who wants to be “different.” and “cool.”

The Husband Husher- While I didn’t mention this idea to The Hubby during Shark Tank, it did come to me during this time. I think it’s a good one. You know when you have sleeping babies and your husband is really loud? Like slamming cupboards and doors, stomping feet and yelling across the house loud? And your blood pressure rises and you immediately just want to yell, “SHHHHH!!!!” Well this is where The Husband Husher would come into effect. I haven’t figured out what “it” is yet or how it will work, so if you think of it before I do, I’ll buy it!

The Hubby’s ideas:

Fliptop Pans- Pans that have lids where you can press down to open and close it just with your thumb. This leaves your other hand available for sprinkling seasonings and stirring.

Sequels to the book Go the F**k to Sleep. This is described as a “children’s book for adults.”

 The cats nestle close to their kittens now.
The lambs have laid down with the sheep.
You’re cozy and warm in your bed, my dear
Please go the fuck to sleep.[6]

Titles to these books may include:
“Eat Your F**king Food,” “Keep Your A** in Bed” and “Don’t Sh*T on the F**king Floor.”

Alright, so we are still working on it.

Got anything better?

While I appreciate working hard and earning the lifestyle that one would like, I can also appreciate this from a tropical beach sipping umbrella drinks while people buy The Crusto Captain. :)

Happy Wednesday. :)


  1. hahaha: “Eat Your F**king Food,” “Keep Your A** in Bed” and “Don’t Sh*T on the F**king Floor.”

    Maybe the hubby husher could be called “Shut the F**k up you loud c*ck”

    Don’t they already have moist face wipes for getting the boogers off?

    • Nate- They make things called Boogie Wipes but they do not get it all off! And even after intensive wiping. Like REALLY getting after it. It’s a “chore” I loathe…

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