My Day Off Recap

I briefly mentioned that I had a day off last week.

Okay. I dedicated an entire post to it so it may have been more than a brief mention.

I started off the day with some snuggles from my Gwyn as The Hubby had yet to return home from the gym. While this prevented any sleeping in, I didn’t mind too much because she seemed stoked to be in our big bed and was actually pleasant.

Then Cal woke, and after a quick nursing we found ourselves on the living room floor playing before heading into the kitchen to get breakfast going.

My eyebrow started to raise at the clock as I began to ponder if The Hubby and I were on the same page about this whole day off thing when he walked through the door with a coffee in hand (for me) and an apology.

I thanked him very much, took the coffee and immediately went in our room and locked the door.

I got straight back into bed but was now too awake to go back to sleep, so I did a little internet browsing for ideas for upcoming birthdays, weddings and baby showers.

The Hubby finished giving Cal breakfast and played with the kids in the living room. I can only tell you what I heard, not saw, as I rarely made myself present during this time. From what I heard, it sounded like all was great.

The Hubby then decided to shower with both kids in the tub with him. I didn’t comment on this… just watched it all unfold with large owl eyes. Cal was the first in the tub happily splashing away, and as The Hubby undid Gwyn’s diaper he discovered a poo, so he took dripping wet baby Cal out of the bath and he and both kids went into Gwyn’s room for the changing before heading back to the bath. I heard a lot of water splashing, bathtub squeaking and various pitches of kid and husband yelping. Then the shower head turned on and that was just too much for me as I just didn’t think that would turn out well. I didn’t want to be overbearing though, so I just left the room.

I am pretty sure his actual shower lasted but a couple of minutes before more bathwater was drawn as he got out and just let the kids play.

Welcome to my shower experience.¬†ūüėČ

When two naked kids emerged from the room and a husband saying in a rushed manner what a stressful experience that was, I couldn’t help but laugh at his¬†reaction¬†as I helped slap on a diaper and put Cal down for a nap before hitting up the shower myself.

This shower was leisurely and wonderful and I actually shaved my legs AND washed my hair. Like in the same time frame.


I even went so far as to blow dry my hair. I actually hate doing this but since I had the time that day, I went for it. And it felt good.

Cal took a rather long morning nap (over two hours) which¬†perturbed¬†me a little, can’t lie, (he never does that for me) and during this time Gwyn and The Hubby cooked breakfast round two and cleaned the entire kitchen afterward before more play time.

For this I was stoked.

Upon waking, I nursed Cal before The Hubby took he and Gwyn to the next town over for lunch at Wendy’s.

He mentioned that Gwyn went a little crazy upon arrival while he felt fellow patrons giving him the “control your kid stank-eye” but then ate her lunch nicely and they had a good time. I think The Hubby meant to go to a sporting goods store while in the town but it was nearing their afternoon nap by the time they finished so I think he took the safe choice and just went home.

I was out gathering some party supplies, getting windshield wiper fluid (thrilling, I know) and I then headed to that same town where I slowly browsed through Michael’s and Joanne’s before hitting up a coffee shop, and then visiting a gym I am interested in possibly joining for a tour.

I then called The Hubby to see what the update on the kids was and learned Cal was not going down well for a nap.It was a pretty quick convo.

Once home I nursed baby Cal and again baracaded myself in the room where I worked on a craft, did a little reading and went through a big stack of mail.

The kids played and watched Cinderella with The Hubby and every so often when I emerged from the room I would see toys throughout the house, which overwhelmed me, so back in I went.

There was about an hour of time in there that The Hubby helped me with some online banking stuff, so I did play with the kids for a while and get their dinner.

But The Hubby fed Cal and cleaned up everything. I also heard some very sweet playing going on between The Hubby, Gwyn and Cal. They played dress-up and pretend and read books and it just completely warmed my heart to hear all of this happening.

Before I knew it, it was nearing bedtime and The Hubby and Gwyn picked up all the toys, he got them ready for bed, fed Cal his bottle, put him to bed, brushed Gwyn’s teeth, read her a book, took her in to say goodnight to me and she went right to sleep.

The Hubby then preceeded to finish cleaning up after dinner as I looked around the spotless house.

Let’s just say all day long I was impressed with how hard The Hubby was trying and what a great job he was doing.

While the day somehow got away from me, I definitely got some things checked off my list and it was a much needed, and much, much appreciated, day off.

Thank you, Hubby. The gift of a day to myself is priceless.

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