Baby Cal Turned 10… Months!

Can you believe it??
I’m not really believing it…
This over-the-top cutie is now ten months old.
What’s new this month? Teeth! Last week Cal sprouted his bottom two teeth.

Weight: Appx. 22 pounds.
Height: Uhhhh….
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Strawberry blonde

Favorite thing in the world? Stealing his sister’s toys. He wants everything she has and is quite determined to get it.

Cal absolutely ADORES his sister. He follows her around the house and EVERY time she is in time out he crawls over to sit by her. Kind of defeats the purpose, but I think it’s just so sweet so I almost always let him.

He loves to knock down the towers of blocks made by his sister…

He wants to stand up and scoot around everything.

His cheeks are irresistible…

He will stand on his own for a bit before realizing what’s going on and sit down.

He will snuggle just about anyone if it means he can nestle in your shoulder and suck his thumb.

His hair is fuzzy, wild and soooooooooooo cute.

One of his signature poses includes the tongue out

Pretty standard.
Nicknames include: Cal, Cal-VIN, Cal Cal, Cal Pal, Buggy, Bugga, Calvie

Wears a size 4 diaper.

I have no idea what size shoe. He still doesn’t wear them…

His favorite foods include bits of cheese, cheerios, any kind of fruit, sweet potatoes and carrots.

The kid has got to be growing because he’s been sleeping in until around 8-8:45, taking a two hour + morning nap and about a two hour afternoon nap before going to bed at 7:00. I’m sure this won’t last…

This little bugga is such a sweet, gentle little babe that we all just love so much!

That concludes the Cal Pal update!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Rick Angold says:

    What great pictures, I think someone loves the spot light!

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