25 Reasons I Am Weird

I am weird because…

I pour extra salt on restaurant chips
I enjoy getting the mail, especially when there’s a package, even if I know what it is.
I often lounge with one bare foot and one foot with a sock on it.
I like extremely hot showers. The kind that leave my body with splotches of red.
I eat an apple and peanut butter almost every day.
I don’t really like wearing jeans.
I dislike most fruity desserts.
I hate doing my hair.
I won’t watch a movie if I don’t see it from the very beginning.
I rarely sleep under the sheet, but HAVE to sleep under the comforter. No feet or legs exposed, ever.
I can’t stand wasabi. If it touches my food, I won’t eat it.
I douse my movie popcorn in butter.
I love the “soggy” or “flimbly” french fries and dislike the hard crunchy ones.
I enjoy bingo, bunko, garage sales, and craft fairs.
I eat all of the goodies out of the ice cream tub.
I hold my pencil like a third-grader. Actually, more like a kindergartner.
I hate change and need preparation if something is about to stray from my norm.
I usually sleep in the shirt I wore that day. More pajama shirts means more laundry for me to do.
I cry at Lifetime movies, Hallmark commercials and that Home Makeover show. Every time.
I don’t really like talking on the phone.
I eat frozen chocolate chips by the handful. About a bag a week.I like Chocolate Chunks best.
I like shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Rescue 911. Flashback!
I dislike pickles. They are a selfish food.
I will break out in dance just to shock my kids into ceasing the whine.
I eat kiwis with the skin on them.

Happy Wednesday!


I’m having computer issues so please bare with me while I get all patched up. :) BUT, my new blog site is almost done! Hooray! Can’t wait to share with you all. :)



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