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Baby Cal Turned 10… Months!

Can you believe it?? I’m not really believing it… This over-the-top cutie is now ten months old. What’s new this month? Teeth! Last week Cal sprouted his bottom two teeth. Weight: Appx. 22 pounds. Height: Uhhhh…. Eye color: Blue Hair color: Strawberry blonde Favorite thing in the world? Stealing his sister’s toys. He wants everything […]

25 Reasons I Am Weird

I am weird because… I pour extra salt on restaurant chips I enjoy getting the mail, especially when there’s a package, even if I know what it is. I often lounge with one bare foot and one foot with a sock on it. I like extremely hot showers. The kind that leave my body with […]

On Things I Thought I’d Never Experience

(Read with caution…) I never thought I’d let someone look at my poo. Gwyn is in the process of becoming interested in using the potty and what people do while going to the bathroom. Well, yesterday I needed some private time but Gwyn asked to go with me, and because I am trying to encourage how […]

On Getting Rich, Quick.

The Hubby and I were watching Shark Tank one afternoon while the kiddos were napping and the show really got us thinking. Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs present their big idea or creation to a panel of “buyers” who potentially buy into their businesses, becoming partners and making these people rich. On this particular […]

Skinny Chocolate (Heavenly) Muffins. Like REALLY skinny. DROOL.

  When I get over-whelmed or stressed, I walk (briskly) over to the freezer, swing it open, stick my hand in the yellow and brown bag, pull out a handful of chocolate chips and toss my head back. And instantly I feel better. This is not good. I go through about a bag every week […]

My Day Off Recap

I briefly mentioned that I had a day off last week. Okay. I dedicated an entire post to it so it may have been more than a brief mention. I started off the day with some snuggles from my Gwyn as The Hubby had yet to return home from the gym. While this prevented any […]

Booger Boobs.

I never thought I would have booger boobs. Ever.I didn’t even know booger boobs existed before yesterday. But they do. Baby Cal has a cold. And when he got up from his nap he was quite furious and quite snotty and instead of wiping his nose I just nursed him to make the fury go […]

One of the Best Gifts Imaginable

This week has been a challenging one for me. The kids started out sick, which makes for looooooooooong days. Lots of whining, both kids wanting to be tended to at the same time, lots of booger wiping, disinfecting, poop changing, bathing, etc., etc. And we are cooped up in the house which makes it even […]

Wickedly Mod Jewelry

I am not really into “Mom” jewelry, unless of course it is made by one of my children, but when I received a  necklace from Wickedly Mod jewelry I was pretty excited. It’s modern, elegant and doesn’t have “MOM” plastered all over it. The packaging was beautiful and pristine and made the product feel even more special. […]

The Bachelor Lowe-down:Red Flags, Kitty Purrs and Fifty Shades of Hell No

Once again I LOOOOVE Monday nights. It’s no surprise I like the show, but The Hubby and I sit down once again with no technology in front of us and enjoy this show together. We laugh. We crack jokes. We give each other WTF looks. We re-enact awful or shocking scenes… it’s great. Last week […]