The Lowdown on that Girl’s Weekend Trip to Seattle

Last week I wrote a quick post about my friend and I taking a girl’s trip to Seattle for the weekend. It seemed almost too good to be true. No one to be responsible for but ourselves. No nap times to work around. No feeding schedules to worry about. No schedules, period. No diapers!
As I finished packing on Thursday night I realized I didn’t  have complete freedom. I still needed to pump while away which meant I had to take my pump and all of its pieces, the portable sterilizer, a nursing cover, bags to put the milk in, a cooler for the milk, yadda yadda yadda.
Let’s just say I wasn’t traveling lightly.
But it didn’t matter because we were outta there!
We dropped our kids off, said audios, grabbed some grub for the road and had an awesome time just talking about any and everything. Uninterrupted any and everything, might I add. We arrived at our destination in Seattle around 10:30 pm where we were greeted by my friend’s father-in-law, and when he asked us our plan for the next day, we couldn’t answer him! We had just spent about five hours in the car together and were having so much fun already that we didn’t even talk about where we wanted to go the next day.
 So we formulated a quick plan and then went to bed.
We thought we’d sleep in a little, you know, since we COULD, and then hit the road about 9:30/10 am. Well, being two moms who never get to sleep in, or internal clocks had us up around 7/7:30 after TRYING to sleep in.
Not fair!
But, it gave us an early start. We went to Toys R’ Us/Babies R’ Us first to look at a carseat and stroller, and ended up spending about an hour and a half in that dang store! Turns out we love shopping for our little ones, Oooing and awwing over the cute outfits and toys they’d just love for Christmas.
After a quick coffee stop and pumping session, we then drove straight to our much anticipated store.
Oh how I love you.
We browsed and browsed, tried on an outfit or two, and got inspired by some ideas we thought we could do ourselves…. like these snow globes? Hmmmm, keep your eye out for a future post on these!
I had some store credit and ended up taking home a summer outfit from the sale rack, which I noticed a small tear on and got an extra 20% off… score! And a jacket that was also on sale.
My friend scored a few treasures herself and we were just loving the fact that we didn’t have anywhere we had to be.
After getting just about famished, we decided to grab lunch and asked for a recommendation from the sales clerk who steered us over to the perfect little soup and sandwich spot for our needs.
And then back to more shopping. We hit up Francesca’s, one of my favorite little boutiques, which is where we found these cute little books for recording all of the things  we as parents want to remember our kiddies saying, and then ended up in Lulu Lemon for more than an hour.
Lulu lemon makes THE BEST workout/lounge pants. I was oblivious to this before being introduced by my friend. They’re incredibly comfortable, they have a different style for every need, and they are so flattering when on! AND, they will custom tailor them for you right then and there and ship them to your house…. for free!
Yes, please!
After this store I needed to pump, so back to the car we went and drove over to an outdoor mall where we went to Sephora and played around in there for quite a bit sampling various perfumes and then a quick stop to H&M.
We worked up quite an appetite by now and asked for another recommendation and ended up at a fun Mexican fusion restaurant.
The stores were closing so we peeked in Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware real quick, and again I thought…. “I can make that…”
So I took some notes and moved on…
I love all of the pillows in Pottery Barn and thought if I just found a mens sweater I could probably even make this? No? Yes? Hmm….

First time in a Restoration Hardware..

We finished off the night by bringing home some dessert from Trophy Cupcakes. :)

And as we walked back to the car we saw Santa, who let us take a picture to send to our little ones.

Can you say perfect day???

We shopped for about 12 hours straight, only taking short breaks to eat and drive to the next spot.

Did I mention my friend is about seven months pregnant!?

She is a rock star.

We did have to end our weekend getaway early and head back home due to a family illness, but even the drive back was loads of fun. We felt like two high school girls (well at least I did…) giggling and sharing stories and we were back pretty quickly.

Being able to do something like that was so fun and much needed. We came home refreshed and rejuvenated.

I highly recommend doing this sort of thing if possible. Everyone needs a break every once in a while.

Especially parents!

I’m already daydreaming about the next time….

Happy Friday!

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