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Cuteness Overload. Custom Crocheted Hat Giveaway from The Hewlett Hive!

Custom Crocheted Hat Via The Hewlett Hive GIVEAWAY! To. Die. For. Because I can’t put pretty bows and clips in Cal’s hair, there aren’t many options as far as “accessorizing” the little guy. So when Hilary over at The Hewlett Hive sent me this incredibly cute hat for my little man, I nearly fell flat on […]

Skinny Burlap Decorative Stocking

I made this Christmas decorative stocking last year and I just LOVE it. My inspiration came from this picture found on Pinterest. I apologize for not taking pictures when I made it, so if you have any trouble, let me know and I will try and walk you through it better! Materials: Tissue paper Scissors Sewing […]

Get Ready to be Jealous. A WEEKEND Away!

So I left last night for a WHOLE WEEKEND AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND AND KIDS to play in Seattle! Now, I LOVE my husband and I LOVE my kids. But can you even imagine? A whole weekend… (THREE DAY weekend, to be exact) SHOPPING. For things other than groceries! EATING. Things other than my kids’ […]

Advent Activities December One through Five-Bringing Christmas Cheer Alive!- I’m so lame.

The advent calendar has proven thus far to bring some extra special cheer into our home this year. Every morning when Gwyn wakes up, the first thing we do is open the day’s box and see what fun activity the day will bring. Reading a special Christmas story with Gwyn’s Uncle Matt. This was an […]

Cinnamon Stick Candle and Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

To me, cinnamon = Christmas. So when I saw this picture on Pinterest I just had to make my own. And it is EASY!!! Materials: Candle in the scent of your choice Cinnamon sticks (I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond) Hot glue gun Hot glue sticks Twine, ribbon, or string to wrap around […]

DIY Wooden Christmas Star

I kind of skipped right over Thanksgiving decor and went straight for Christmas. It just…. feels better to me. So this baby has been up in our house since before Turkey Day. I saw this picture on Pinterest and decided it looked easy enough to make, so I gave it a go. Supplies: Two 1/2 inch x […]