Packing With Kids….. Awesome.

Trying to pack my family for two and a half weeks is preeeeeeety daunting. This includes packing for six hours on the road, over night in Portland, the plane ride to Reno, two weeks in Reno, the plane ride back to Portland, a couple nights in Portland and then the drive home again.
A little trick I saw somewhere on Pinterest a long time ago is to pack your kids’ outfits in Ziplock bags. (I apologize for not being able to find the original post.)

Genius! Each bag contains the entire outfit, besides the shoes and the jacket. Then, whoever is helping your little nuggets get dressed in the morning just has to pick a bag and it is all right there for them.

This bag contains Gwyn’s leggings, shirt, cardigan, socks and coordinating hair bow.

I LOVE this method!

I also packedovernight bags for myself and the kids for our one night in Portland  so that we don’t have to lug our big bags out of the car. There is also a separate changing essentials bag and food bag that will all stay in Portland while we are gone.

So much stuff! But we really tried to pack minimally, if you can believe it. A lot of these suitcases are only half-filled so that we could bring things home with us.

From left to right…

Red tote-Food bag for while in the car and in Portland
Red backpack- Overnight for Portland
Pink bag-Diaper essentials for both kids in Portland
Black mini backpack-my pump
Carseat-For Calvin
Black Backpack-Hubby’s carry-on
Red suitcase-Kids’ stuff for Reno
Orange duffel-Hubby’s luggage
Gray suitcase-My luggage
Blue suitcase-Christmas gifts and where my pump will go when checked
Add in Gwyn’s carseat
Add in Cal’s carseat base
Add in a Pack n Play
Add in Double stroller
Add in small cooler for breast milk
Add in my purse

Traveling with kids.


Wish us luck!


  1. Have fun! I think the Portland Zoo has a new baby elephant? That would be awesome to go see if you have time. We love that zoo. Oh, and good luck!

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