On Seeing Baby Jesus

Gwyneth has become pretty enamored with Baby Jesus.

She will point Him out in pictures.

She will kiss Him in porcelain form.

And she just recently saw Him in a new light.

On Christmas Eve our family went to the Candlelight Service at church, something I look forward to every year. The last time Gwyn went she was about six months old, so this year was her first “real” experience.

While a little antsy, for the most part she did fine, though she did talk quite loudly at times.

Nearing the end of the serman, the pastor asked the ushers to join him in the traditional lighting of the candle. In order to get the full effect the lights were turned off, completely darkening the room.

The room was silent as the pastor started to light the first candle, representing the light that Jesus spread on our Earth.

This is when Gwyneth shouted, “IT’S DARK!!”

The whole room started to chuckle as the first candle was now lit, shining brightly in the front of the room.

Gwyn saw the glowing candle and then excitedly shouted, “BABY JESUS!” echoing the room.

A lot more chuckles, a few “awwww’s” and now very endearing looks glaced our way.

I then confirmed with a whisper, “Yes! Baby Jesus, Gwynnie” while I hugged her a little tighter.

It truly warmed my heart that during that moment, as Gwyn saw the first candle being lit, she saw Baby Jesus in a completely new form, on her own terms.

Sure, she has seen lit candles before. And never has she compared one to Baby Jesus.

I will remember that moment forever.

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