"Best in Show" Decorated House Award

Last night we went out looking at Christmas decorations around town “Ooooing” and “awwwwing” at the pretty lights, moving characters and extreme lengths some go to in order to spread the holiday cheer.
To make it even a little more fun, we made an award for the “Best in Show” in which we planned to give to our favorite house. This idea was shared by a friend in my mommy group and I just couldn’t wait to do it.
Below is the house we chose as our favorite.

Gwyn just loved the moving blowup decorations that engulfed this cheer-filled home.

So Gwyn and I went and knocked on the door…

And presented the owner with our award.

He was beyond ecstatic saying how much he appreciated the award and how tickled he was to see us at his doorstep after admiring his work. He decorates his house like this every year, and even hands out candy canes on the 23rd and 24th, but he’s “just getting a little too old.”

The award.

I did make this a little last minute, (while the car was warming) so I am sure a better one can be created, but if you would like me to send you this award so you too can seriously make someone’s day, just ask! I’m happy to share.


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