A Very Unpleasant "Christmas Surprise…" And The Hewlett Hive Winner Announced!

As the holidays approach and we gear up to travel to my parents’ house for a couple weeks, lists are made, gifts are ordered, and bags are packed.

Well, that is what was supposed to happen, anyway.
Our plan was to spend Sunday getting ready for our travels; cleaning up the house, packing, getting snacks for the car and plane rides, etc.
But come 1:00 am Sunday morning, things took an ugly turn.
A reeeeaaaaal ugly turn.
Let me back up a bit.
I wake up on Saturday morning and find packaging to rib-eye steaks on the kitchen floor. No sure how they got there exacly,  I throw the bits and pieces away and mop up the floor in case any steak juice was left over.
I mention to The Hubby how Emma, our English Mastiff, must have gotten in the trash and pulled out the packaging.
This is when The Hubby runs to the sink to find nothing in it.
Apparently, someone, not naming names, left out four beautiful rib-eye steaks in the sink to thaw out and be eaten the next day.
So we conclude that Emma reached her long snout into the sink and had herself a wonderful, expensive, rather large snack in the middle of the night.
While that is pretty sucky, that’s not even the bad part.
We go to bed Saturday night, everything normal.
I am awoken at 1:00 am by The Hubby frantically informing me that Emma had explosive diarrhea all over the house.
And then I start to smell it.
An overwhelming stench of  bloody, rotten carcass engulfs my nose.
I slowly peel myself out of my bed, dreading what I am about to find.
That delicious snack Emma had consumed the night before was now in another form all over our kitchen floor, in our entryway, and there were traces in the living room, too.
Merry Christmas!?!?
I think not.
After shaking our heads back and forth with our jaws to the ground for a few minutes, we begin the cleanup.
This consisted of a lot of hot soapy water, bleach, carpet cleaner, Lysol, towels and constant gagging.
Finally, we get it cleaned up the best we could for the night, take a shower to wash any traces off ourselves and go to bed.
Sunday morning, the kids were sent to Grammie and Poppie’s house so that we could clean the carpets. Just the thought of our kids crawling around in dog crap was enough to send us over the edge. While it looked all clean, who KNOWS where Emma could have left fecal matter.
Fifty dollars and a few hours later, every room in our entire house was clean.
While it is nice to have a pretty sparkling clean house, the circumstances were less than ideal and put us a day behind in our holiday travels.
On a lighter note…. we have a winner for the Hewlett Hive Giveaway! This lucky person will receive the most adorable hand-crocheted hat ever in the colors and size of his/her choice!
Congratulations, Carolina Patay, you’ve won!! Check your e-mail for info on how to receive your prize!
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  1. Yay!!! Thanks for doing the giveaway! : ) I am so very excited!

  2. Yikes!!! I cannot imagine having to do that in the middle of the night and before going out of town : ( hope to see you while you’re here!


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