The Newest Member to the Duck Commander Family… Ya’ll!

If you are a fan of the television show Duck Dynasty, like my husband and I are, you will appreciate the following pictures even more.
Duck Dynasty is a reality show about a bunch of redneck millionaires who created Duck Commander, a company predominantly creating and manufacturing duck calls.
The show is hilarious and a bit off-the-wall, but it also sends a warm message about the importance of family and our loved ones, and I seriously enjoy Wednesdays even more now that I have been introduced to this show.
I’ll admit I was skeptical when a good friend insisted I give it a chance, but after a couple of episodes I was hooked.
If you are not a fan, or if you have never seen the show, well then today you just get to see a baby with a beard.
“Happay, Happay, Happay!”
“First it’s pretty tires, then it’s pretty guns…next thing you know, you’re shavin’ you beard and wearin’ capri pants.”

“Boys, I will hurt you physically, and meta-physically.”

“That’s a fact, Jack!”

“I don’t kid when somebody challenges my manhood.”

“This is a 1955 praying mantis, takin’ it slow and easy.”

“Never insult a man’s beard. You either get thunder or lightning.”

“Once I reached down to pet a little dog and when I did, it was a five pound squirrel!”

“Women with whiskers. It’s a bummer.”

“Ya’ll might want to go to Walmart and pick up a personality.”

“Happay, happay, happay Wednesday!”

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