Thanksgiving or Christmas Cranberry Centerpieces

Still need a Thanksgiving centerpiece? Or are you eager to start decorating for Christmas?
This is SO easy and can brighten up any table with the festive color from the cranberries and vintage look from the burlap and twine. I made this as part of my Christmas decor, but if I were hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year I’d use these for that occasion as well!
I saw the original picture from Pottery Barn all over Pinterest and the rest came from items I already had on-hand.
Vase (s) of choice (I already had these, so my choice was easy)
Cranberries (I used close to two bags for one large and one small vase)
A 4-5 inch candle in your favorite festive scent (one per vase)
A strip of burlap (optional)
Hot glue gun and glue (optional)
A small string of twine (optional)

Fill your vase about half way with cranberries, place candle on top, and then continue placing cranberries around the candle, filling in the empty space until you’ve reached the desired amount.

Then, cut a strip of burlap and hot glue it around the vase, making sure not to glue the vase itself so that it can be removed when done. Finally, tie the twine around the burlap and tie in a bow.

So simple, and so cute! I keep one on our kitchen table and one on the side table in our living room. Love!

Happy Tuesday!


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