Gwyn Turns 2! And a Half! It’s Kindof a Milestone, Right!? An Update.

I look at Gwyn lately and am in awe. She is growing up. And she is starting to look like a “little girl” and not a baby anymore. And this makes me sad.
She turned 2.5 last week and I thought since I do a monthly update on what Baby Cal is up to, it would be an appropriate time to do a little update on Gwyn.
But first, an abundance of pictures. Brace yourselves.
Newborn Baby Gwynnie

Daddy loving to dress her in the three-sizes too big Nikes

We laughed for so long at this….
One month

Mommy loving to dress her, too…
Two months…

Walks with the fam…

Three months

Four months with some ‘tude!

Five months at the pumpkin patch

Six months

Seven months

Eight months

Our little ” Future Beer Pong Champion”
Nine months…

Ten months

Eleven Months

1 year!

Becoming a big sister!!

First “poney!”

Family picture day…

Rock star….

A year and a half….
Baby cow for Halloween

Hugging Mommy’s belly

I die!
Checking out the Easter bunny…cautiously…

Such a water babe

At the fair..

Preschool pictures

She looks so old…

I LOVE this one. Haha.

Look at those locks! Took two and a half years, but it’s really growin’ now!

Weight: Approximately 34 pounds
Height: Approximately 36 inches
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue

Loves singing the ABCs to wake up the family in the mornings; playing “Mommy” with her baby dolls, or any object, really; going down slides at the park, ice cream, going “fast”; rocks. The girl loves rocks! Every time we get the mail she plucks a rock from the neighbors’ yard. I am going to need to re-landscape their yard pretty soon.

Purses. Backpacks. Playing pretend. Her imagination makes me so happy.

Dora, Caillou, and Curious George.

The Science Center, The Squishy Park in the next town over, and Costco. Because samples are awesome. She’s been taught well.

Painting, coloring, cutting with scissors, small beady eyes, pom pom balls and pipe cleaners.

Riding her bike, feeding the dogs, licking the spoon with just about anything on it, and eating a vitamin gummy before nap time.

Bananas, oranges, apples, green beans, carrots, and tomatoes.

Chicken nuggets, french fries, popcorn, corn dogs, and waffles.

If in the right mood she will kiss you all over and generously hand out the “I love yous” but if grouchy will wipe away your kisses.

Will sit on the potty but will not put anything in it. Shows very little interest.

Her favorite babies’ names are Rosie, Grandma D, and Doodee.

Nicknames: Gwyn, Gwynnie, G, Goonie, Gwynnie Bug, G-G, Gwynnie Girl, Gwyn-Gwyn, Baby Girl

“I’m busy” and “I need some privacy” are two of her common phrases that crack me up.

Loves to be tucked in for bed. And when she wakes up, she hands over her blankie, big-girl pillow, baby doll and then likes to be picked up. Eeeeevery time.

Sometimes she calls her Daddy JayD!

She likes to take her body out of her footie pajamas, only keeping her arms in and run around the house with her new “cape” as “Super G!”

She’s becoming a little lady…

Looking so grown-up…. and getting really long hair!

But she’ll always be my baby…

I love you, Gwyneth Marie! You are one cool little (baby) girl!

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