DIY Fruit Stand/ Cupcake Stand/ WhateverYouWant Stand

I was finally tired of having bananas and oranges sitting on my counter top and other fruits taking up space in the fridge, so I set out to find a fruit bowl.
Living in a small town, I couldn’t find one that I liked. Then, at Farm Chicks last year, a friend and I saw this galvanized three-tier holder from Pottery Barn, but I was not about to shell out $70 for it.
For Gwyn’s first birthday, I made the cake plates by gluing spray painted plates to tea cups, candlesticks, and vases, so I figured I could do the same for a fruit bowl. I did a little Pinteresting for inspiration and came across this picture, and from there it was a go.
And I must say, I love the finished product!
I bought two gold candlesticks from the thrift store and spray painted them a cream/white. A primer was actually used first to ensure the paint would stick.

I then bought some Gorilla Glue, which is what I used for the Cake Plates a few years ago, and while this stuff has a pretty strong hold, it does expand and leaves a white residue, so don’t use it for things where the glued area is visible. I don’t have a lot of experience with different types of glue, so if you can recommend another type that you prefer, let me know!

I then got a set of old cake pans off of Ebay, and went to town! Make sure to glue one surface at a time and let it sit with a heavy object on top until firm. And ta-da!
My new fruit stand! Or cupcake holder! Or craft organizer….Endless possibilities!

Happy Thursday!


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