Bucket List (s)

Since becoming a mother my priorities have obviously changed. Most of my time is dedicated to my family and while I am not complaining (really, I’m not!) there ARE some things I would still like to do before I kick the bucket  Some that I’ve always wanted to do, and some  that have been acquired since having my kiddies.. This got me thinking….

Do you have a Bucket List?

I decided to start one that I may add to as life goes on, and hopefully cross off along the way, too.

In no particular order…

1. Go to Italy
2. Witness a birth
3. Take my family to Disneyland
4. Raise happy and respectful children
5. Attend a blogging conference
6. Dance with my son (s?) at his/their wedding
7. Party at my 50th (or more!) anniversary
8. Write a book
9. Take my daughter (s?) wedding dress shopping
10.Get killer abs
11. Take an African safari
12. Watch (and help) my children achieve their ambitions and dreams
13. Learn to sew
14. Go to Serendipity in New York and have a frozen hot chocolate with my Hubby during the holidays
15. Visit the South and have some real, southern comfort food.
16. Have a craft room
17. Run a marathon (or a half will do!)
18. Be someone’s hero
19. Bake a perfect batch of macarons.
20. Be the number caller at a game of Bingo.
21. Fly first class.
22. Do something my husband says I NEVER do. ie. empty the dog poop trash can or fix a deck. (This was The Hubby’s contribution, can you tell?)
23. Do something that absolutely terrifies me.
24. Design my own house.
25.Grow my own vegetables

What is on your list?

The Hubby chimed in with his own list while I wrote mine, so I thought I’d include it….

1 .Build a quadcopter (a type of helicoptor) from scratch
2. Jump from a moving train
3. Restore a vehicle
4. Jump into a body of water holding a knife in my teeth
5 Rescue someone using a rope
6. Do something good enough to deserve my wife. (aww!)
7. Outrun an animal that could kill me.

So I guess while I’m out planting vegetables and baking macarons he will be running from wild, killer beasts and leaping from trains into large bodies of water!?


  1. I can help you out with the Disneyland bucketlist item :)
    And on a side note, I just wanted to let you know that I love, love, LOVE your blog and get such a kick out of your stories. I showed Graham your birth videos and, although he would never admit it, we both teared up – truly beautiful!

    • JINAN!!

      You just left a perma-smile on my face! Thank you SO much for the super kind words! And you just got my heart racing about Disneyland! I seriously cannot WAIT until both kids are old enough to enjoy it and be able to take them. It’s been a lifelong dream! Haha. Thank you so much for the sweet offer! And when the time comes if you want to make a similar video, let me know! It definitely took a lot of editing hours, but the end result is priceless!!

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