Biscuits and Thanksgiving Leftovers Gravy- A Recipe For Those Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving leftovers are pretty great to have, but the same turkey sandwich can get old after the fourth or fifth one. So, this little recipe is a GREAT way to use up some of those leftovers into a tasty new meal.

Biscuits- Grands or homemade (we made our own, recipe to come-Or use leftover rolls!)
2 tsp. olive oil or olive oil spray
Leftover carrots and celery from veggie tray- chopped (as many as you want!)
Leftover Linguica sausage (from stuffing recipe)- We used 1 link
Leftover green bean and almond dish- About 1 cup
Leftover turkey- Appx. 2 cups
Leftover sweet potatoes-cut into chunks (About a cup)
1 can of 98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom soup
3/4 can of water

1.Make biscuits and set aside, or use leftover rolls.
2. Add olive oil or spray to large pan and add carrots, celery and sausage. Cook on medium heat until sausage is cooked through and veggies are tender. Approximately 10 minutes.
3. Mix in the Cream of Mushroom soup and the 3/4 can of water.
4. Add green bean, turkey and sweet potato leftovers and heat through, making sure to add the sweet potatoes last since they will cook through the quickest.
5. Spoon mixture inside biscuits and enjoy!

This turned out super yummy, hope you like it too! Happy Cyber Monday!

P.S.- Any fabulous deals I should know about?


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