Baby Cal Turns 8…Months!

Baby Cal turned eight months old today. Does that blow your mind a little bit?

He has a new tongue trick that will entertain himself for minutes at a time.

He’s climbing all over everything, and if you turn your head for a second, he will be gone.

His favorite word right now is Dada. While I pout inside a little bit this definitely works in my favor when asked who should change his diaper. :)

This baby cakes is weighing in at a solid 22 pounds.

He’s still a mama’s boy. (Tee hee.)

His favorite solid snacks include itty bits of graham cracker, banana and pancakes.

This scrunch face can be seen quite often.

And his hair is awesome. It’s totally long enough to be styled, but it just seems more “baby” wild and free.

The thing that cracks him up the most is when his Daddy slams in head into the wall.

OooO the scrunch glare! Watch out!

He can go to anyone without a fuss.

The toys that can be found in his carseat are a set of measuring spoons and a scary vibrating butterfly thing that flashes its scary red eyes. Buuuuut, he likes it so that means I like it.

There’s something about a baby intrigued by a toy that makes my heart smile.

He loves to gnaw on people’s faces.

He goes to bed at 7:15 and is up between 7:15-7:45.

His baby blues will melt your heart.

And he can now steal Gwynnie’s toys.Paaaaaaaaybaaaaaaaaaack…..

When on a mission, there is no stopping him.

Nicknames: Cal, Baby Cal, Cal Cal, Callie Pop, Calvie, CalVIN (Gwynnie’s pronunciation.)

One proud Mama over here!

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