10 Ways to Annoy Your Wife or Loved One

A bit ago I posted this blog on ways to annoy your hubby or loved one, so I find it only appropriate to post the same for the wife/other partner!

1.) When getting into bed at night after your wife has already been asleep for a while, flip the covers completely off of her while you donkey-hop into bed, sending shock waves through the mattress.

2.) Tell your wife how pleasant and fun the kids were after watching them for an hour while she went out to get a break.

3.) Leave broken tooth picks around the house.

4.) Hit the snooze button three or more times, waking her up each time. Or, don’t hear it at all, therefore making wife reach over you to turn it off.

5.) Take off your work clothes in the dining area once home for the day, drape over kitchen chairs, and then proceed to bedroom to get comfy clothes.

6.) Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and only gain 1-3 pounds a year. And then go to the gym to play basketball and lose said pounds.

7.) Wait until five minutes before you need to leave for an appointment with your wife to hop in the shower.

8.) Drop dirty clothes on the floor near the laundry basket.

9.) Rinse your dirty dishes and then put them back in the sink. Not the dishwasher six inches away, but the sink. And by rinse I mean turn on the faucet to get the dishes wet.

10.) I can’t think of a tenth one. I’ve been sitting here for a while now, and I seriously can’t think of a tenth one. I suppose that’s not a bad thing, eh?

I could easily think of nearly 14 ways to annoy the hubby, but could only think of about nine ways to annoy the wife. Hmmm…… what does that say about me???

WAIT!!! Number TEN! Number ten is so obvious!!

10.) Practice your golf swing in your living room resulting in a busted chandelier, sending minuscule glass pieces a-soaring. In case you can’t tell, the light fixture is now slanted.

Then, not learn your lesson and create a gaping hole in the carpet. That’s about ten inches, just FYI. GHETTO!

Happy Tuesday!

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