Shaving Cream Painting -Toddler/Young Child Activity

What started out as a fun, yet controlled outdoor activity turned into a little bit of mayhem rather quickly.
A little shaving cream with food coloring outside in the water table seemed like a great idea..

It was squishy and totally fun to feel

And exciting to paint on the concrete.

But squirting the shaving cream proved WAY more fun than playing with the already proportioned out.

And this is where I realized I didn’t mix in the colors very well and the majority of the food coloring was still on the spoons, therefore ending up on all clothing

And Gwyn then discovered, “hey, this is fun to wipe on myself…”

And all over the yard…

And squishing between little incredible.

After her clothes were doused in colored goodness, I decided it was time to remove clothing. This is when Cal decided to wake up from his nap, so in I went to get him, and while I was inside Gwyn took the opportunity to lather herself up.

While nursing Cal outside, Gwyn really went to town covering herself and anything else she could find; I think knowing my hands were tied.

She even went after the dogs and poor Sammy had pink paws for a few days after.

Looking  over the shaving cream engulfed backyard, pink poochie paws and toddler laden with cream, I realized things were getting a little out of hand, so I quickly put Cal in the bouncy seat in the bathroom, then carried Gwyn through the house with my arms stretched in front of me, straight into the tub.

Not before getting hit, though.

While my Type-A personality was on edge most of the time during this messy activity, I saw just how much fun Gwyn was having and just let it happen. And she had The BEST time.

So, it was worth it.

Notes for next time:
-Thoroughly mix colors beforehand, or just nix colors all together and give toddler a can of shaving cream.
-Put on play clothes or go nakey from the start
-Remove all animals from the area
-Start activity at the beginning of baby’s nap time so all grownup hands are available
-Get unscented shaving cream so backyard doesn’t smell like an old-time barber shop.

Happy Tuesday!

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