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Cal’s Birth Video!!!!- Can you tell I’m excited??

Keeping with the theme this week, Cal, Cal, and more Cal, I thought I’d share Calvin’s birth montage video. It contains nothing graphic; just a whole lot of sweetness and precious moments. I hope you enjoy. After watching the completed video for the first time, I went back and re-read Cal’s birth story, which you […]

Baby Cal Turns 6… Months!

Baby Cal is 6 months old. And to celebrate, The Hubby and I spent the afternoon with just the three of us while Gwyn spent some time with Grammie and Poppie. As part of our special afternoon we went and took his 6 month pictures. Calvin John: Weight- 19.4 pounds (78%) Height- 27.8 inches (88%) […]

Dear Calvin- A Letter Before Birth

Calvin turned 6 months old last week. I know what you’re thinking…6 MONTHS ALREADY!? I am thinking the same! Buh-leave ME! So, in honor of his little milestone, I have decided to dedicate this whole week to Cal. A WHOLE WEEK to my calm, sweet, slobbery baby boy. And to kick-start the week, I have […]

Zucchini Boat Pizzas- SO yum!

                                          I made these zucchini boat pizzas for dinner recently and they were a HUGE hit. Heeeeyoooge. You are basically eating a whole zucchini (Goooooo veggies!) and they are super tasty too. I found the […]

What Went Down Wednesday: Bras, Banks and Bikes, Yikes!

Welcome to another edition of What Went Down Wednesday. Can you guess what the day began with? You got it. 3:30 am- Another fab pumping sesh. Play on phone. All done. 6:45- Wake up, go out to the living room and tidy up a bit. 6:50- Hubby comes home from the gym…. with McDonalds. Hmm….counterproductive? […]

Recipe For Annoying Your Hubby

Do you want to know how you can thoroughly annoy your husband? Let me tell you. The weekend after one of the most important/busiest/most stressful week’s of his career, you and The Hubby need to take an overnight trip to the “big city” to visit family, spend some time together and “unwind.” After dropping the […]

Fist Pumping at its Finest AND Giveaway Winner Announced!

I apologize in advance for the awkward tilt your head will have to do when viewing this video. But, if I were to win free money I would be fist pumping, which made me think of this video and I just had to share it. Sometimes I feel so technologically dysfunctional and get myself all worked […]